A most unusual war

Archbishop reflects on cost of war: "According to Ministry of Defence figures, 51 soldiers have died in Iraq - 21 killed in action, 19 in accidents and five in cases of so-called friendly fire. A further four died of natural causes, while two deaths are still under investigation. Unlike after previous conflicts, no victory parade or military march past has been held. " … [Read more...]


From Thinklings Weblog: "The great danger of Christian discipleship is that we should have two religions: a glorious, biblical Sunday gospel that sets us free from the world, that in the cross and resurrection of Christ makes eternity alive in us, a magnificent gospel of Genesis and Romans and Revelation; and, then, an everyday religion that we make do with during the week between the time of leaving the world and arriving in heaven. We save the Sunday gospel for the big crises of existence. For … [Read more...]

In trouble and I don't even deserve it……

Over atblogs4God I am in trouble for "schmoozing with good timing by linking to my site the day before my post here"! Actually I never knew that chap was a moderator at blogs4god! Honest! … [Read more...]

The latest in toilet humor

Joshua Claybourn says : "If you're in need of a good chuckle" take a look at the washlet. What can I say...... … [Read more...]

Martin Luther-king's autobiography

Although Martin Luther King's Dream is not yet fullfilled" he certainly made a massive impact. I am reading his autobiography at the moment and the thing that stands out most is hs statement that the blacks had lost their fear. When an individual looses his fear there is no stopping him. … [Read more...]

Homosexuality controvery

Entitled a 'Cure' for homosexuality? this article reignites the old controversy- "Are people born homosexual? " … [Read more...]

Sticks and stones may break my bones word wounds take long to heal

Brain scans show rejection pain: "Being snubbed socially provokes exactly the same brain response as being physically hurt"This is no great surprise to many of us … [Read more...]

What Kind of church?

People often ask me what kind of church I go to. I found a great quote on the Sovreign grace website describing their Mission and Motive which could equally well be said of the church family I love to be a part of which like the group previously known as PDI is growing in many nations around the world. "Our combination of essentially Reformed doctrine and biblically based charismatic practice, plus an emphasis on personal relationships within churches and among pastoral teams, translates well … [Read more...]

For your eyes only…….

This modesty check is a great catelogue of everything a man ever remembers noticing about a womans clothing.If as a woman you are serious about men not oogling you then this makes great reading. If you don't believe men look at you in this way ladies, just ask any man who is honest enough and he will admit to having observed all too acutely examples of all these modesty 'misdemeanors'. Of course these days in our society you can barely walk down the street for thirty seconds without being … [Read more...]

Is John's gospel venomous?

Should I burn the two hundred copies of Johns gospel that arrived more than a year late at my house today? Should I rather offer them free to any reader who emails asking to see wether John is as 'antisemitic' as this writer claims?The trouble is people cant seem to separate believing that indeed the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus with a belief that Jews today should therefore be victimised. Actually the Romans were involved in crucifying this man, and if we are honest the … [Read more...]