Joshua Claybourn's visitor record

Joshua Claybourn’s Domain: A New JC.C Record: “The International JC.C Headquarters doesn’t keep close records on daily traffic, but I have a feeling that yesterday’s set a new high. Within twenty-four hours there were 18,388 hits and 15,072 unique visitors…..I think it’s safe to say that yesterday was a record breaking day.” Well that puts my total sessions THIS MONTH of 3834 into perspective doesnt it!!!! Over at we have hit 6000 a months so Joshua is clearly doing… Read more

Bible vs Ikea catalogue – which is more widely dustributed

Bible vs Ikea catalogue – which is winning hearts?: “it’s possible that the Ikea catalogue is now the most widely distributed publication in the world. If it’s not now, then it soon will be.” It may be that there are more ikea catalogues distributed per year than bibles, which is concerning perhaps…… Read more

Wheres my any key?

Where do I find the ‘Any’ key on my keyboard? Read more

Imams join plea for gay tolerance

OF course I agree with tolerance, but to state that people shouldn’t attempt to evangelise others of different faiths? Perhaps this is going a bit far….. Muslim religious leaders have joined Christian and Jewish leaders for the first time in issuing a joint plea for tolerance for gay people. In an open letter written in support of Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the group, which includes two bishops, has criticised incitement to religious hatred and aggressive proselytisation as practised… Read more

Doctor Who returns to TV

Doctor Who returns to TV An awesome piece of news. Get ready to jump behind the sofa all over again! This is a piece of art being revived! Read more

Embraced by India's hugging 'guru'

What some people will do in the name of religion! Read more

The purpose for Daniel Bedingfield's life

I know I know there have been rather a lot of DB posts lately. I just (being so out of touch ‘n all) heard of him like and anyone who reads this blog knows that I get like this- I have a latest craze. And right now DB’s albumn is that. To me he really is an artist and so much of what he writes in his songs and what he says in interviews rings true to my mindset. Interesting… Read more

Daniel Bedingfield Albumn recorded in bedroom!

Amazing that even today an albumn can be recorded in a bedroom and sell a million copies! Daniel Bedingfield Unofficial – The Unofficial Resource For Fans Of Daniel Bedingfield!: “PC: And it all started with a song that started out of a bedroom DB: That’s right! Yeah I still do all my stuff from my bedroom. Still do all the production and stuff. Actually the whole album was done pretty much in my bedroom with one computer and a mic…. Read more

Daniel Bedingfield's five things for an enjoyable life

Daniel Bedingfield: “- Time off (never get any!) – Rewarding, fulfilling occupation (I don’t work) – Soul Mate (hopefully) – Kids (Eventually) – An active spiritual life” Well I think I am doing quite well on all five counts thanks! I do manage a little time off. I have a rewarding job I have a wonderful wife and four great kids and a very active spiritual life. So I guess that makes me sorted! Read more

Colin Potter on the gifts of the Holy Spirit

Pop over to my church website to read Sermons from Jubilee Church Colin Potter’s recent series on the gifts of the holy spirit is well worth a read. Read more

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