'I held the cleaver in my hand'

JAson Robinson, a rising star of English Rugby found his life was in a mess before becoming a Christian"Inspiration to find an answer came in the form of Va'aiga Tuigamala, the huge Western Samoan forward, who also played for Wigan and was a born-again Christian. One day, he told Robinson that he had seen him in a dream, standing on top of the world and that the ground had started crumbling from under his feet. Soon afterwards, Robinson began asking Tuigamala about his faith and, in July 1995, … [Read more...]

What a way to put it Daniel!

In an article entitled 'I'm absolutely nuts' Daniel Bedingfield says "I'm definitely into shagging one person for life" … [Read more...]


DANIEL BEDINGFIELD lyricsGet a load of this, and to think its sold a million copies!!!! I wish I could have heard this before I married, it would have expressed how I felt perfectly! And people wonder why Christians tend to get married younger than some.Right GirlI'm gonna do it right girl I'm gonna hold you tight girl Till then, I gonna wait, anticipate that day I'm waiting for the right time, when you'll be mine You say that you love me, I'm still gonna sayGirl you are the reason I … [Read more...]

Top 5 – God Squad!

Funny how being a public Christian these days seems to be less of an issue than it used to be check out the BBC - Top of the Pops - Top 5 - God Squad! … [Read more...]


One product of this wedding that I attended, was discovering the singer DANIEL BEDINGFIELD who I had not heard until driving around with the groom in the couple of days before the wedding. During the hard times 'I gotta get thru this' was a favorite of his, and when they got engaged Sue played 'IF you're not the one' to Ant (and as the first dance after the wedding).Amazingly you can view a video of 'If you are not the one' by registering at the website. I have borrowed the CD and intend to … [Read more...]

The real world…..

Today someone who I see most days at work emailed me to say I have just had a look at your blog site. I am impressed, it makes good reading and is interesting to see what goes on in your head.Somehow it seems strange to think of a work colleague, a 'real person' reading these witterings. In fact in some jobs I would have been nervous about even letting people know that I was a Christian. Actually the entire salesforce were told the other day that I was a lay preacher- there are no secrets it … [Read more...]

On being a best man…..

Well it was a great day at the weekend when I tried my hand at being a stand up comic. It felt like I was walking along a cliff edge and even occassionaly leaning over but I don't think I fell off!!The look on the mother of the grooms face when I said that the groom would have to get used to hearing filthy four letter words he hadn't heard since leaving home...words like 'tidy, cook, wash, iron' was classic.What was nice was that he was still speaking to me afterwards!In fact it is such … [Read more...]

Is the world overpopulated or are we selfish?

The BBC has jumped on the overpopulation bandwagon. But, as they say"with the richest 1% of the world's population consuming as much as its poorest 44% we would have to use massively more resources if the poor were to live as the rich world does. "But maybe we need to learn to use less resources- whatever happened to electric cars? … [Read more...]


The church- the temple, face and embrace of God I was reminded again this morning through a prophecy and through the worship of the centrality of the church. It is not just an organisation, it is not just a club. It really is the temple, the face and the embrace of God. What better thing to live to build than this? … [Read more...]

Loving myself….

Last night I went to a commedy cafe and heard a great act. I will paraphrase part of it coz I thought it was ace. People today often talk about loving themselves. I love myself the trouble is that the feelings arent reciprocated. I keep trying to give myself the hint that I am not interested. I but a cinema ticket and then don't go. I also get jealous though and keep thinking I may have met someone else. … [Read more...]