Doctors shocked by prison sentence

Doctors shocked by prison sentence: Whilst mistakes are inexcusible, it seems to me that this does nothing to entice me back into working for the NHS. I was lucky never to have knowingly directly caused a death whilst working as a doctor. That is not to say I never made mistakes that I nor no one else picked up. I certainly had potential mistakes corrected by pharmacists. I wonder how much sleep this doctor had in the weeks leading up to this tradegy?It is astonishing that systems have not … [Read more...]

Go forth and multiply

After the baby boom of the 1950s, Europe has suffered a baby bust......the European Union years will see in the next half-century an extra 40 million people aged over 60 and an absolute reduction of 40 million in those aged 15-60.Europe will either need mass imigration or an upsurge in children born to cope with its aging population of baby boomers. With four young kids I guess I am doing my part! … [Read more...]

No room in the church: archbishop finds himself cast out by evangelicals

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | No room in the church: archbishop finds himself cast out by evangelicals: "Evangelicals, founding their belief on biblical revelation and personal conversion, form the most dynamic and growing element of the CofE and some are rejecting the leadership of their bishops and archbishops. In the 1950s, 7% of worshippers counted themselves as evangelicals, now the figure is 40% and that stretches to 60% of ordinands in training. Although by no means all feel this … [Read more...]

Joshua Claybourn's political wisdom

Joshua Claybourn's at it being wise again! These rules for political Christians are great. I wish more followd them....!"God does not belong to your party: No country, no political party, no political ideology can own Him. He's the boss.The ends do not justify the means: Stuffing ballot boxes, shredding public documents, etc. are wrong, and most people would agree to that. Sometimes, though, politically active folks seem to think it's okay if it's for a greater good. Not quite.Faith … [Read more...]

Just say no to secular fundementalism

This article made my blood boil! I wish we did 'do God' a lot more than we do! Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Just say no to abstinence: "As Alastair Campbell memorably remarked: over here we don't do God. We don't do God at all. This must be the most valuable distinction still extant between us and America, that we have yet to fall back on bogus concepts of morality to explain why some teens sleep around and shoplift, and some don't. Sorry if that sounds like triumphalism, but, God knows, … [Read more...]

Theres more where this came from!

Teaching Stories I: "Many years ago a wise peasant lived in China. He had a son who was the gleam in his eyes and a white stallion which was his favorite belonging. One day his horse escaped from his grounds and disappeared into the fields outside the village. The villagers came to him one by one and announced their condolences. They said, 'You are such an unlucky man. It is so bad.' The peasant answered, 'Who knows. Maybe it's bad, maybe it's good.' The populous left. The next day the stallion … [Read more...]

International roaming

Returning from my latest trip abroad today I reflected on a strange world that we now live in where getting accross seas is easier than going half way accross the country- why o why can't there be flights from London to Liverpool or Hull I ask myself?We live in a global village where those who live in cities can hop between them like stepping on a bus (and trust me in London you could be in most European cities by air by the time your bus got half way accross the City)And one more weird … [Read more...]

'Science cannot provide all the answers'

40% of scientists are believers. Even Richard Dawkins tells a story stating Guardian Unlimited | Life | 'Science cannot provide all the answers': "I once reached this point when I asked the then professor of astrophysics at Oxford to explain the origin of the universe to me,' he says. 'He did so, and I posed my supplementary: 'Where did the laws of physics come from in the first place?' He smiled: 'Ah, now we move beyond the realm of science. This is where I have to hand over to our good friend … [Read more...]

Global Rich List

Did YOU know you are almost certainly in the top few percentage of rich people in the world? Tell the Global Rich List how much you earn and you will get a feel for just how rich in world terms you really are!This is convicting to say the least … [Read more...]

Bible proved true in shock report!

Under The Sun: "Radio carbon dating has verified that the Siloam Tunnel under Jerusalem was indeed built by Hezekiah, as recounted in 2 Kings 20:20" … [Read more...]