Preach the Word

2TIM 4;: "I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching." … [Read more...]

Preach the Word….

I had a a great day today, which was worthwhile even if to just be reminded of some great quotes, like "'To me, the work of preaching is the highest and most glorious calling to which anyone can be called.' Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones"AND preaching is 'Logic on Fire' (Again from The Doctor)One of my great priviledges in life was to know a man called Henry Tyler who was one of the founding fathers of the newfrontiers group of churches of which I am a part. He would have been delighted by … [Read more...]

Deflating The Blog Bubble

Deflating The Blog Bubble :"Blogs are great. They're wonderful, and they will Change Things. But we need to step back outside of the blog-to-blog echo chamber and look at how important this movement really is." OR NOT as the case may be, at least NOT YET! … [Read more...]

The blogosphere and political process

A revolution is promised, but I suspect a little too early. People still think Im mad to even have a website let alone a blog! Maybe one day things will be different....."We are no longer an industrial economy. We are no longer cogs in a machine. We are taught from early on to use initiative and be proactive, and to solve our own problems. Yet political campaigns had failed to adapt, insisting volunteers take orders from those at the top of the campaign heirarchy. 'Lick envelopes' they would … [Read more...]

Of course the universe is finite

The New Scientist reports "Tantalising evidence hints Universe is finite " but we already know that since the universe has to be smaller than its creator … [Read more...]

UK's mixed up relationship with pets and kids

In another example of the mixed up nature of the modern UK : "Mice, goldfish, spiders, and even kittens are the unlucky stars of a new trend of snuff movie being made in the UK, animal welfare organisations warn. The films, known as squish or crunch movies, involve beautiful women killing the animals by a variety of methods, eg spearing them with a stiletto heel........Yet Britons profess to prefer pets to children. Only one in four adults said they had more affection for their kids than for … [Read more...]

This blog is rarer than I thought……

BBC NEWS reports: " a survey by Perseus has found that of the estimated four million weblogs that have ever been created, one million had not been updated since the day they were made. 2.7m had not been updated in two months. Fewer than 50,000 blogs were updated every day. " … [Read more...]

10 things you'd hate about John Wesley

AND 10 things he'd hate about you. This makes interesting reading. … [Read more...]

Denominational reallignment?

Wanderings of a Post-Modern Pilgrim states about the current Anglican crisis "In reflecting on the meltdown that seems to be approaching in the Anglican/Episcopal communion, it would appear to me that this is the first 'test case' of a major denomination facing the new realities of the 21st Century. We may be about to witness the birth of a new denomination out of their struggles. In so doing they may become part of the first moves to the realignment of denominations as we know them."It seems … [Read more...]

The church of my dreams….

Thanks to for this "The church in the new millennium will be defined through experience and relationship. Postmodern culture is looking for an experience of God, not an explanation. The future church, like the ancient, will live in the mystery of the presence of the risen Christ and demonstrate authentic community in a culture of isolation- Michael Slaughter. "Of course, explanation is a part of any relationship- so we mustnt assume that relationship can even exist without … [Read more...]