Gallerys of Psychiatric Art Pharma company adds

This is well worth a look The Japanese Gallery of Psychiatric Art contrasts nicely with The American version Read more

Not even a hint – lust today

Josh Harrtis in a recent interview stated In general, I think Christians maintain this veneer of common decency which we all get used to, and which is good but it is contradicted by our hearts and where our minds are. I think writing this book hasn’t made me less concerned about these sinful patterns or issues; I think I’ve actually grown in my hatred for lust. I’m no longer surprised at the reality of what’s underneath, in myself or others…. Read more

Jesus the reflection of Gods glory.

Radical Congruency | Justin Baeder’s Blog states: “to say that God is infinite is to say that He is measureless. Measurement is the way created things have of accounting for themselves. It describes limitations, imperfections, and cannot apply to God….It is the way we see the works of His hands, but no thte way we see Him. He is above all this, outside of it, beyond it. And yet, in Christ we find a Person who is remarkably measurable, who… Read more

Sermons from Jubilee Church

Sermons from Jubilee Church: “Tope excelled himself this morning with his sermon on the fruit. He spoke about agape love the kind of love that is a choice, an act of the will. It is love that does not depend on anything in the loved. It is the love that sent Jesus to the cross to die for sinners. It is sacrificial love and the only kind that can be commanded. We are called on to speak the truth in… Read more

stable christianity

John Piper says “‘Nothing can blow you over when you are inside the walls of Romans 8:28.'” what a shelter that verse is when you truly believe it. How hard it is to believe it when faced with the worst that this world can throw at us, but how comforting if we really believe that behind all the evil of the world there is a good God working it round for good. Like a master chess player God turns the… Read more

The Eye Opener

The Eye Opener: “An Ancient Geek’s Catch of the Day’s Unfair and Imbalanced Stuff. ” This is well worth a visit and a laugh! Read more

Whisky boss 'amazed' by spy interest

Ananova – Whisky boss ‘amazed’ by spy interest: “The boss of a tiny Scottish distillery says he is amazed to learn that US spies have been monitoring his whisky plant for weapons of mass destruction. Bruichladdich Distillery on the island of Islay was contacted by an agent at the Defence Threat Reduction Agency to tell staff one of their webcams was faulty.” Read more

Joshua Claybourn's visitor record

Joshua Claybourn’s Domain: A New JC.C Record: “The International JC.C Headquarters doesn’t keep close records on daily traffic, but I have a feeling that yesterday’s set a new high. Within twenty-four hours there were 18,388 hits and 15,072 unique visitors…..I think it’s safe to say that yesterday was a record breaking day.” Well that puts my total sessions THIS MONTH of 3834 into perspective doesnt it!!!! Over at we have hit 6000 a months so Joshua is clearly doing… Read more

Bible vs Ikea catalogue – which is more widely dustributed

Bible vs Ikea catalogue – which is winning hearts?: “it’s possible that the Ikea catalogue is now the most widely distributed publication in the world. If it’s not now, then it soon will be.” It may be that there are more ikea catalogues distributed per year than bibles, which is concerning perhaps…… Read more

Wheres my any key?

Where do I find the ‘Any’ key on my keyboard? Read more

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