Its quotes like this that make me love the Real Live Preacher “I don’t know what goes on, really. The world is such a big place and we are such small people. Who knows how everything fits together? I want to say that this is how The Creator works in our lives. With small moves and a very light touch” Read more

The owner aving kindly put a link into me, I popped by this site to have a nosy and found this quote rewording what God said to Job- “Stand up like a man and just trust me. I know what I am doing! Even if it isn’t what you think it should be.”: Read more

Man ‘saved’ by net overload- “Data overload prevented the live internet broadcast of an onstage suicide, planned as part of a concert in Florida by shock-rock band Hell On Earth, reports said on Sunday. ” Does the evil nature of man know no bounds these days? The thought of watching someone kill themselves on stage abhors me and as a psychiatrist clearly I would rather that a man with these kind of urges got the help he clearly needed. Read more

Happy images ‘make depressed sad’-“Happy images trigger sad reactions in the brains of people with severe depression, researchers have found. ” I have always believed that depression is at least in part about our responses to events that happen to us and our interpretation of them. Its amazing how some people interpret the same event in positive or negative ways. Read more

If this is true, expect a press conference hand over of confiscated weapons soon…… I wonder which European country they could have been thinking of? Kuwait foils smuggling of chemicals from Iraq : “Kuwaiti security authorities have foiled an attempt to smuggle $60 million worth of chemical weapons and biological warheads from Iraq to an unnamed European country, a Kuwaiti newspaper said on Wednesday. ” Read more

: “If I could speak five hundred different languages – from English to Urdu and everything in between – or even if I could speak the languages of the stars… if I did not use those languages to speak of love, my voice would sound like a cat-fight outside my bedroom window at 3am. If I could see the future, or if I knew everything that there was to know… or even if I had the spiritual were-with-all to change… Read more

Interested in writing your own website it really isnt that hard! NCSA — A Beginner’s Guide to HTML For more information, try looking at WW3s website Read more

The Eyes Have It If you liked the gallerys of Psych art, you will like this. Read more

This is well worth a look The Japanese Gallery of Psychiatric Art contrasts nicely with The American version Read more

Josh Harrtis in a recent interview stated In general, I think Christians maintain this veneer of common decency which we all get used to, and which is good but it is contradicted by our hearts and where our minds are. I think writing this book hasn’t made me less concerned about these sinful patterns or issues; I think I’ve actually grown in my hatred for lust. I’m no longer surprised at the reality of what’s underneath, in myself or others…. Read more

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