Joshua Claybourn- the King of Christian blogs

Consistantly at or near the top of the pile in terms of who links who in the Christian blogosphere Joshua is a real diamond. His blog is always witty, thoughtful and provocative and is propbably the one I read more than any other- except perhaps my own when I am desperately trying to piece some thoughts together for my next sermon! Do check out Joshua Claybourn's Home Page it is well worth it.I feel highly honoured then by his comments on my website in email correspondance to me lately You … [Read more...]

water may damage your health…….!

Telegraph | Arts | My battle with the bottle: "Anthony Andrews is not the first actor to nearly die from drinking - he had no idea mineral water could be so harmful, he tells Elizabeth Grice " … [Read more...]

Jesus was a top bloke- Sky news!

Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event: "'JESUS WAS A TOP BLOKE'Jesus might have been the son of God but he was also a top bloke who threw ripper barbies. The latest version of the Bible has been written in Australian slang in an attempt to get more people interested in the Good Book. In Kel Richards' Aussie Bible, the Virgin Mary is 'a pretty special Sheila' who gets knocked up with the Big Boss's son. Instead of the traditional swaddling clothes and manger, the Shiela wraps the baby … [Read more...]

Telegraph | News | Feast and famine in Europe as global warming scorches farms

Feast and famine in Europe as global warming scorches farms: "Prophetic warnings of how global warming will play havoc with the world's agriculture appear to be coming true, according to evidence from this year's harvests in Europe and America."And according to Radio 4 this moment AUTUMN has already come to the UK- just see if you can see the leaves turning I noticed it today! … [Read more...]

Are you related to a spineless Worm ?

Will this week of bizarre news stories never end? We are expected to believe that a Worm turns out to be one of man's closest relatives: "Scientists have discovered one of mankind's closest relatives, among those that lack a backbone, in the shape of a rare 3cm worm called Xenoturbella......"Now many wives complain their husbands are spineless but this is ridiculous.....! … [Read more...]

It is more blessed to give…..

....than receive its reported in a scientific study that demonstrates that seniors who provided either a lot of practical assistance to friends, relatives, and neighbors or regular emotional support to their spouses displayed a higher survival rate than those who didn't provide such helpI love it when the bible proves science! … [Read more...]

whale wrecks boat

After yesterdays odd story heres one that almost tops it. Alone in the ocean when a monster of the deep lands on your boat taking out your sails and leaving you drifting perilously towards the rocks.... The odds against this happening must be astronomical. Read all about it in the Telegraph … [Read more...]

Election – soverign Grace

I came accross a fantastic quote placed on a site detailing a message on Sovereign Grace (otherwise known as reformed theology). To me this is a great illustration of the biblical position. Left to ourselves we would simply damn ourselves there is no doubt about that. I am sure that C.J Mahaney's talk which quotes this would be well worth a listen"After giving a brief survey of these doctrines of sovereign grace, I asked for questions from the class. One lady, in particular, was quite … [Read more...]

Astrologers fail to predict proof they are wrong

Despite the report in the Telegraph that recent scientific studies have shown that Astrology is not an accurate method of predicting people's personality and our so called 'modern' wordld it seems Astrology has been growing in popularity. Surveys suggest that a majority of people in Britain believe in it, compared with only 13 per cent 50 years ago. The Association of Professional Astrologers claims that 80 per cent of Britons read star columns, and psychological studies have found that 60 per … [Read more...]

Is Microsoft spying on you? Is Bill Gates the Big Brother who is watching you?

Forgive me if I engage in a little conspiracy theorising. Its just that the latest security 'glitch' in a Microsoft product seems to me like it just might be one co-incidence too far. In a BBC report today entitled The hidden dangers of documents it is explained that every electronic word document not only contains a record of every revision of the document (which may well be embarrassing) but also fragments of data from other files you were working on at the same time are embedded. This would … [Read more...]