With all the negative outcomes regarding promiscuous sexuality, it is especially important that our pre-teens and teenagers be properly educated about the dangers involved. But it’s difficult talking to your kids about sex. That’s why many parents today leave the sexual education of their children to the schools. Because it’s difficult (and it is difficult talking about sex to your kids), it’s easy to justify putting it aside until it’s too late. But because it’s tough is precisely why it’s… Read more

The Christian story of eternal judgment is being replaced with a series of secular ones. These non-religious doomsday scenarios are being advanced by scientists. The media tells us daily they’re certain to happen. Read more

  I’ve authored or coauthored five books about World War II, and one consistently repeated comment that comes my way from reader feedback sounds something like this: ·         “Great book. Every young person in America should read this.” ·         “I read this book, then bought a copy for my son.” (or grandson, or nephew) ·         “Fantastic book—but who is telling the next generation about the price of freedom?” I’ve talked with other WWII authors, and the same sort of feedback… Read more

All men have a yearning for greatness, for significance. We want to know we came from a noble heritage or lineage. My great-grandfather, Olaf Landsverk, immigrated to this country from Norway in 1916 as a teenager. Because we come from a Scandinavian bloodline, my son likes to think he is descended from Vikings. He likes the thrill of believing that our ancestors were once mighty warriors. But it’s not just boys who revel in these kinds of dreams. My dad… Read more

“Here’s your iPhone Brandon. Don’t break it.” And that’s all the training and instruction Brandon gets. It’s a sad fact, but most of the parents in America hand their kids devices with Internet access and never give them guidance or boundaries, teaching them discernment. So are kids being responsible with these devices? It’s an assumption too many parents are making. Ask the kids. In a brand-new survey from McAfee last month, 88% of young people, ages 10-23, said their parents… Read more

“I’m sorry Mr. Nazareth, but I’m having a hard time seeing where that kind of ministry fits into our church’s strategic plan.” Read more

Part two of this article looks at the incredible potential fathers have to influence the choices their daughters make.  This significant paternal influence was illustrated to me very powerfully recently.  The other day my teenage daughter was watching a modeling program on television.  On this episode, as part of their training, the young women hoping to become famous models were taking acting lessons.  The acting teacher was instructing them on how to cry on command.  The technique she used was… Read more

“A gang gives you something that nothing in the world or no amount of money can give you: a family, an acceptance,” he said. Read more

King Herod was his name, and he did plenty of things wrong. That’s why I like this story. Herod acted just like any other guy is prone to act, including me. On his birthday, maybe about 30 A.D., King Herod threw a big bash for his high officials and military commanders, all the leading men of his region. Picture a huge stone hall filled with the smell of steaks and beer. The music was loud. The jokes were thick. The… Read more

In anticipation of Father’s Day the following is Part 1 of a two-part article on the effect of father’s on daughters. Fathers have an incredible influence (positive or negative) on nearly every aspect of their daughter’s lives.  Recently I read a chapter from the book, Silent War, by Henry J. Rogers.  In this chapter the author interviews five women who have been victimized by the sex trade industry (pornography, strippers, prostitution, adult movies, etc.).  Even though not all of the… Read more

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