ANNOUNCING: New Managing Editor of the Patheos Pagan Channel: Christine Hoff Kraemer

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to share with you some exciting news:

Effective immediately, Christine Hoff Kraemer is assuming the responsibilities of Managing Editor of the Pagan Channel at Christine holds a PhD in Religious and Theological Studies from Boston University. An accomplished writer, editor, and teacher, Christine has published widely on literature, popular culture, and Paganism. She has books forthcoming from Routledge and Patheos Press. Christine is also an instructor at Cherry Hill Seminary, where she did pioneering work on e-learning platforms and served for two years as chair of the Theology and Religious History department. We are excited to welcome Christine to the Patheos team, and look forward to continued growth of the Pagan Channel.

David Charles
Executive Editor,

Jewish Witch: The American’s Guide to Getting Ebola
When Grief Becomes Ritual, When Remembering Renews
Alone In Her Presence: An Open Heart and a Naked Soul
The Zen Pagan: What Does It Mean For the Gods to Exist?
About David Charles

David Charles joined Patheos in September 2008. Since then, he has helped shape the structure and content of the site and has led partnership development with a wide range of academic and religious organizations.

David was educated in Switzerland, England, and the United States. He holds advanced degrees in religious studies from Oxford and Harvard Universities. His academic training spans a number of disciplines and fields of study, including anthropology, literature, and history. He is the recipient of a teaching award from Harvard.

  • JasonMankey

    Welcome aboard Dr. Kraemer!    

  • Star Foster

    Very pleased to hear this! Congratulations Christine!

  • Chris Godwin

    Yay!!! Welcome!

  • T. Thorn Coyle

    This is good news!

  • John Beckett

    Congratulations!  Glad to hear this.

  • Christopher Chase

    Congratulations to Dr. Kramer!  The Patheos Pagan Channel will receive the finest in editing, I have no doubt!

  • Christopher Chase

    Congratulations to both Patheos and Dr. Kraemer!

  • Guest


  • Duffi McDermott

    Great news! 

  • Christine Hoff Kraemer

    All, thank you so much for the warm welcome! 

  • Elinor Predota

    Congrats! A great appointment.

  • Macha

    Congratulations, Christine!

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