Gratitude Series on Patheos Pagan (Nov 2013)

Who or what makes us grateful for the Pagan movement? Patheos Pagan writers respond from the heart.


Dalliances with Deities - Aine Llewellyn
Gratitude Post
Nimue Brown
Gratitude for Community
Julian Betkowski
We Need to Be Challenged, or Why I Am Thankful


Christine Hoff Kraemer
Gratitude: Initiatory Communities

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus
Thank You for the Mystai

Jason Mankey
Pagan Gratitude and My Thanksgiving Table


Drea Parker
Giving Thanks to Pagans
Jen McConnel
Gratitude, the Ocean, and Me
The Allergic Pagan - John Halstead
Why I Am Grateful for Paganism: The Comfort and the Affliction
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