No Strings On Me

nostrings“You’re way too sensitive,” he told me. “If you were only stronger. If you had thicker skin. If you were…”

“Someone other than me,” I replied with tears rolling down my cheek. The same tears that angered him. The same tears that made him think I was weak. The fact was I felt everything. I still do. I feel the lies. I feel the broken promises. I feel the hurt. I feel the grief. I feel everything, and always have. It wasn’t until I learned how to create boundaries and cut the strings to expectations of others when I realized that what some think as weakness is actually strength. It takes a lot for someone to feel everything and to not disappear in the hurt of it all.

Some call that an Empath. Others call it being sensitive. Some call it psychic. I used to call it a curse, but now feel it’s a blessing and just another part of who I am, and who you might be too. Just like your eye color. You can get colored contacts to make your brown eyes blue, but they are still brown. You can pretend you aren’t being hurt, but your heart and your soul know the truth.

The thing is that an Empath has a certain light to them that makes them susceptible for those who want to steal that light, or snuff that light out because it makes them look bad. You don’t have to feel guilty for releasing the toxic people in your life, no matter the relationship to you. You don’t have to make room for those who continue to bring you pain. You don’t have to heal everyone just because you are a healer. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself, crossing oceans for those who wouldn’t even jump a puddle for you. You don’t have strings attached and you might need to stop breaking your own heart by allowing others the control.

Cutting contact with toxic people will transform your life. The freedom allows you to thrive, your soul to soar, and leaves room for healthier relationships. Instead of absorbing all the toxic energies, forgiving, making excuses, and feeling everything, you attract higher energy experiences and people. You deserve that, don’t you think?

Being sensitive isn’t a weakness. So if someone calls you too sensitive, simply say thank you because it’s a positive trait, not a negative fault.



Kristy Robinett


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