The Dead Attend Their Funeral

Do the dead attend their funeral-I’m often asked if our loved ones go to their funeral. The answer is often yes. Sometimes they wait to cross over until after their funeral. They see their outfit, the people who came, the music that was played, and the arguments leading up to their final physical goodbye. So be careful what you say or how you act. If you can’t respect the person, you shouldn’t go to their funeral. If you can’t respect the people who are grieving, simply get it together for a day.

Before crossing over the physically departed soul often consoles the person (or people) who need them the most. The griever may feel a presence, hear a whisper or their voice, or receive a sign. Then once they make their journey, along their stops they find their strength to bring through signs and find the pay phones in heaven to make the call they got there, continuing the connections if you so allow them, or pick up the so-called heavenly phone.

The physically departed understand that that there will be grief probably more than we in the physical do. There’s no need to explain or apologize to anyone, including the departed – they understand.

There’s no clock on grief no matter that we are an instant society.  You will miss. You will be told to move on. You don’t have to. You will be told you’ll get over it and it will get better. It rarely does. You will move forward some days. And some days you will go backwards.

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Kristy Robinett

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