If you felt as if this winter was the longest ever, you aren’t alone. Even though Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo, spring has sprung, at least according to the calendar. On March 20th we shake off Old Man Winter and wake up the Goddess of Spring. As the dust settles, though, this energy debris can bring about unwanted negative emotion that you thought was long packed away when in fact it simply absorbed into your environment. So how do… Read more

Anyone have a rough few months?  Raise your hands!  Anybody?  What happened to 2018 being a GREAT year, right? Well, it’s coming. Really!Lately it seems there’s been an interesting energy that’s been causing an internal struggle, anger, broken relationships (especially if issues already exist). Anybody feeling gloomy, depressed and angry and not sure how to shake it off?  Or encountering people who are judgmental and feisty? How about past issues bearing their fangs?  Things you thought were finished are stirred back up?  Anger you… Read more

We heard the rumors for years that Toys R Us was financially hurting, but nobody seemed to want to believe it. My own kids are grown and it’s been over ten plus years since I’ve stepped in a store, but there’s special memories that I have and hearing the news of the closings hit me right in the feels. I was (am) an avid reader, and almost every other Friday evening or Saturday morning for several years my mom and… Read more

With the new moon being in the sign of PISCES, it can awaken your intuitive side. Dreams might be a bit more intense, with symbolism and messages that you need to pay close attention to. The Piscean New Moon on Mar 17, 2018 at 9:11 am ET, and wonderfully positioned on Saint Patrick’s Day, spotlights the creativity, fun and romantic personality within you. You might notice yourself feeling lazy {relaxed} and not wanting to do anything but daydream, nap, read… Read more

Last week I sat down with Natalie, a client who was concerned with array of life situations. As I shared information from her mom that would help her sort out many of her problems, she had an excuse for everything. “But you don’t understand”, she would say after every piece of advice and share why this or that wouldn’t work. Her mom in spirit was frustrated. I was frustrated. “She was always good at sharing advice, but she never understood.”… Read more

Oracle Cards are an excellent way to listen to your guides and your higher self, and sort through the confusion. We are bombarded by real life that we forget to take a minute to tune in. Oracle can help reassure. They can help renew  and they can help remind you of your inner strength. These cards were drawn from the Archangel Raphael Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.Take some deep breathes, look at the below cards, and choose the card that most speaks… Read more

Thor was rescued off the streets of Detroit as a puppy with four other siblings. My client Donny had no interest in adopting a puppy, especially a pit bull, but after visiting the shelter he found himself not able to get the little brown puppy out of his mind. The next day, he was filling out the paperwork and buying puppy food. “So, Donny, now you’re a real thug,” his best friend Josh joked. “You gonna get a mouth grill and… Read more

March 8th Tails from the Afterlife officially is released. I’ve been doing my share of press, one of which was this morning’s interview with 96.3. If you missed this morning’s interview you can listen to the podcast over at http://www.963wdvd.com/blainefowler/ Oakland Press also did an interview. I’m always excited to share information on the books, but especially excited to pay it forward. For every book pre ordered by March 7th I will donate $1.00 to Faerie Tales Cat Rescue and Detroit… Read more

March is a peculiar month, with some days warm like spring, and other days cold like winter – the sun shines warm and the wind blows cold. The shades of winter begin to fade and the colors of spring begin to bloom. It’s too soon to put away the sweaters, and too soon to bring out the tanks and shorts. While the weather in March is so often confused, the energy that circles around us can be the same. Oracle… Read more

Are you feeling the crazy energy yet? This March 1st Full Moon is in Virgo, which can make many feel a bit unsettled and super emotional (we will actually have two full moons in March). Virgo projects a powerful energy of self-doubt in all aspects of life, which can make the most confident person want to pull the blankets over their head.  The best way to deal with this moon is to hide. Okay, not really but you may feel like that is… Read more

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