Brief: Capitalization & Spelling

(A brief rant before I rush off to work. There will still be a post tomorrow, for those concerned! This  was brought on after flipping through Make Magic of Your Life, by T. Thorn Coyle. Her comments on capitalizing ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses’ reminded me of an itch I need to scratch.)

I have a long list of problems I have with ‘spiritual people’. The list comes from practically living in a now-closed New Age shop and being around a fair amount of spiritual and Pagan-’ish’ people. Amazingly, I didn’t start off life as a loud-mouth, and I was able to observe quietly for a few years. And it’s even easier to just watch quietly on the internet. It’s amazing what people will say.

One of my biggest irritations that I run into, though, is this recurring fight over the various spellings of ‘magic’ and whether or not to capitalize ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ (as well as pronouns for gods and goddesses). You would think that the issue would be pretty easy to discuss and put to rest without any squabbling. People use different variations of language all the time. But, no. At least once a month I run into someone sneering about the capitalization issue or snarking about how stupid people are when they add ‘k’ to the end of ‘magic’.

This is my reaction.

And I’m always left asking, “That matters?”

What amazes me even more is that some people will stick up their noses at the capitalization or spelling even though the person using those variations has reasons for doing so. Might even explain why right as they are using them. But still, you see the sneers and insults fly. Of course, Pagandom is not so different from any other ‘spiritual’ community, so the insults are often accompanied with a sniff and some comment of how the speaker or writer is not ‘enlightened enough yet’.

Though, honestly, I get fed up again and again with the way some people use their ignorance to demean others – “Oh, I’ve never heard of them, that person must not be very important or smart” – in the Pagan community. And that I get to see whenever some big name is mentioned. The behaviors – stuffy ignorance-as-insult – tie in to one another, and they’re both gross. At least for me, I’m not all that interested in demeaning people because they use ‘k’ (or not) at the end of ‘magic’.

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Aine Llewellyn is a 20 year old girl creature currently mucking about in southern Arizona. She enjoys the winters and rain but can’t stand the heat. She is a difficult polytheist that natters on and on about her faith.

  • 12stepWitch

    I think the people who sneer are mostly doing it because they think people are adding the K to be cute, just as an annoying affectation. Not realizing that Aleister Crowley started this as a way to discriminate between what WE do and what magicians do. Differentiating between the harnessing of powerful external and internal forces and mere parlor tricks. And some people probably ARE unaware of this and ARE adding the K to be cute, but there is a history behind it.

    • Aine

      No, I’ve run into people who know why – yet they still demean people for spelling the word with a k. Some behavior I’ll never understand.

      • 12stepwitch

        People who define themselves by what they dislike rather than what they like…poor souls!

  • Christopher Scott Thompson

    >the insults are often accompanied with a sniff and some comment of how the speaker or writer is not ‘enlightened enough yet’.>

    Sneering at others- always a sure sign of a high level of personal enlightenment. :)

    • Aine

      Indeed! P:

  • Wendi

    Come on folks , enough bickering over stupid things already, peaple are going to think we are Christians!

    • Aine

      Seriously? :/