Why I am a Polytheist

[or, rather, Why I am a Polytheist who Worships New Gods]

Stories are never just stories, besides.

There’s this little prompt here at Patheos to explain why we’re part of the religion we are in under 200 words. So, I’m going to try not to be as wordy as I usually am while also describing why I’m a polytheist who worships new gods and some pop culture and geekish goodness.

4. There’s lots of gods, dude. At least, for me there are. Not only that, but there’s thousands of spirits and faeries and such to interact with. My world is full of individual creature – manifest and less so – and my theology reflects that..

3. The world and the gods change and grow. I don’t believe the gods are static – I think new gods and spirits pop up all the time. The exact ‘how’ of that I’m still figuring out for myself, but I definitely believe new spirits come into being.

2. There are experiences I can’t deny. I know, silly. But my interactions with the gods are like my flesh and bone.

1. I’m happiest like this. I’m able to question and create and explore, all the while establishing a structure that supports me. Finding this path made me happy.

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About Aine

Aine Llewellyn is a 20 year old girl creature currently mucking about in southern Arizona. She enjoys the winters and rain but can’t stand the heat. She is a difficult polytheist that natters on and on about her faith.