Why I Am a Pagan

Why I Am a Pagan March 28, 2013

Patheos has a new series called “Why I Am A…” which challenges writers to explain their religious choice in 200 words or less. Here’s my entry.


I am a Pagan because the Earth is our Great Mother, both physically and spiritually. I am a Pagan because the Universe is more beautiful, more powerful, more connected and more magical than I could ever imagine. I am a Pagan because I would honor my ancient ancestors and their ways. I am a Pagan because the Divine is expressed in a multiplicity of forms.

Mainly, though, I am a Pagan because I have experienced the old gods and goddesses for myself. I met them in story, in ritual and in practice. I prayed and they answered. I quietened my mind and they spoke. I invoked and they graced me with their presence. I made offerings and they responded. I asked and they gave… and sometimes, they asked for something in return.

In relationship with them I have found peace and purpose. Through them I have found a community filled with friendship, service, learning and growth.

Blessed be Nature. Blessed be the goddesses and gods of old. Blessed be this tribe of Pagans.


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