Briefly: in Texas

Last night, with friends, I watched the filibuster in Texas. Watching and listening, seeing the comments and hearing the screams – focus was brought to a lot of my life. In a way that shouldn’t have surprised me, the events of last night clarified to me part of the mythos I’ve been working on for my gods.

I wrote up a piece of devotional poetry last night, which can be read here.

Freedom cupcakes?

I talked a lot about apathy last night with my friends. About the apathy our generation claims to have, the apathy that is the backbone of the continuation of oppression, the apathy that threatens to overwhelm us after the possibility of change glimmers bright and fades.

The relevance to my own life and to the mythos bits I’m working on is incredible and humbling.

In other news, I’ll be visiting Settle at the end of July. July is a really busy month religiously for me and is extra-busy this year because of various changes to my religious practice. It’ll probably consistently be the busiest month in my religious calendar, except for maybe December depending on how the spirits line up with human dates. It hit me this morning how amazing it is that I’ll be returning to Seattle – a place I consider highly sacred to myself and my closest spirits, a place I plan to live in and which has been my Home in a spiritual sense since I first visited – during the time when the Dierne will be celebrating his apotheosis.

So many intense changes going on. I hope to get more posts up, both on basics of the Otherfaith and on journeying and discernment, later this week! Thank you for reading.

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Moving Forward
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