Brief Update

I’ve been home for three days and have been constantly busy. Between job hunting I’ve been writing and working on material for the Otherfaith and Patheos. And all of it, of course, is slipping through my fingers or just not coming out like I want it to.

I don’t even know how many words I’ve thrown out these past few days.

I am writing, but I’m not quite sure when I’ll have a full post up next. I’m doing some work for some new devotees of the Four Gods, which does take precedence, but I’m hoping that I’ll finally get the words to properly come together soon.

In the mean time, here’s a picture of some delicious cake:

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Aine Llewellyn is a 20 year old girl creature currently mucking about in southern Arizona. She enjoys the winters and rain but can’t stand the heat. She is a difficult polytheist that natters on and on about her faith.