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Here in the Midwest we have had an unusually warm winter.  In fact, with only a couple days of actual snow accumulation, we really haven’t had a winter at all.   Then I walked outside this morning, the sun was shining, it was around 65 degrees, and the birds were chirping.  It felt like the world [Read More…]

Pantheacon 2012 (Part 3): Rituals

I attended many rituals over over the 3 day Pantheacon event.  I want to talk about each of them briefly and then talk a little about what it is like to attend so many rituals in such a short period. Day 1: Friday (starting the in the afternoon) Opening Ritual by Glenn Turner The first [Read More…]

Pantheacon 2012 (Part 2): Three ways of identifying as Pagan

“Am I Pagan?”  Oh my god!  Am I really writing about this again?  This happens every time I have any significant contact with the Pagan community.  Maybe that should tell me something. This Pantheacon had a panel discussion about the question of Pagan identity.  The moderator started the discussion by describing the Drew Jacob controversy [Read More…]

My 100th post!

This is my 100th post!  I started this project last July.  I published over 30 posts in August (I was a little manic that month) and between 2 and 4 a week since then.  This has been a great spiritual exercise. I have never had difficulty writing (hence my 30+ posts in one month).  But [Read More…]

Pantheacon 2012 (Part 1)

[written Feb. 19, 2012] Okay.  So I am at Pantheacon 2012!  This is the third day.  I haven’t had time to blog yet because there are 6 workshop slots a day (a dozen or more to choose from for each slot) and they run from 9 am to after midnight!  They have been a mixture [Read More…]

D.H. Lawrence, the proto-Pagan (part 2)

I’ve previously posted about D. H. Lawrence before.  I am fascinated by his ideas, especially by his shorter writings.  (I am still trying to trudge through Sons and Lovers, which is supposed to be his best novel.)  Professor Hutton identified Lawrence as a proto-Pagan in his Triumph of the Moon.  But an entire book could [Read More…]