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Sign of the (Pagan) End Times?

Peter Dybing, former first officer of the Covenant of the Goddess, has quit Paganism.  Well, sort of.  He has left public Pagan life, resigning all of his leadership positions, to focus on his relationship and on being a “simple dirt worshiping Pagan.”  Over at the Wild Hunt, Michael York has written a guest post in [Read More…]


I am a label junkie.  If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you probably have realized that.  I am obsessed with drawing distinctions, circumscribing every social phenomena, and labeling it with an -ism.  Anyway, I’ve discovered a great new label: Post-Pagan. Glen “Fishbowl” Gordon maintains the PostPagan blog and recently guest posted [Read More…]

How Birds and Bunnies Save My Sanity

I am not a bird lover.  I don’t have bird pets.  I don’t own a single pair of binoculars, and I don’t own any bird identification guides.  I know a Robin from a Cardinal, but that is about it.  Still, I found myself feeling especially grateful for birds this spring. I live in Northwest Indiana. [Read More…]

American Neopaganism, Part 3: Past, Present, and Future

In this final part of my American Neopaganism series, I want to talk about different groups which represent, to one degree or another, the kind of open, eclectic, celebratory, and earth-centered (read non-initiatory, non-traditional/non-recon, non-esoteric, and non-deity-centered)Neopaganism I have been describing and calling “American Neopaganism”. One very good example, which dates back to the beginning [Read More…]

American Neopaganism, Part 2: “I think I may be a Wiccan”

In my last post, I wrote that Neopaganism was a distinguishable tradition from Wicca, and one that is in some ways at odds with the esotericism in which Wicca is rooted.  In spite of that fact, through a series of historical accidents, the two are now almost entirely intertwined.  The way this happened is interesting. [Read More…]

American Neopaganism, Part 1: An Imaginary Tradition?

The website which I maintain will be taken down next month.  I’ve maintained it for several years now, and it’s been about a year since I made any changes to the site.  All of my writing energy has gone into this blog.  I’ve decided to let the domain lapse until I figure out what [Read More…]