Pagan Tea Time with Conor O’Bryan Warren

I’m not sure I’m going to have time to blog about every Pagan Tea Time I have with different Pagans and polytheists over the next month, but I do want to share a little about good conversation I had with Conor O’Bryan Warren over Skype recently.  (I forgot my tea, but Conor had his.)  Conor [Read More...]

Varieties of Polytheism®

Tree Incarnation by Mark Henson

There are also other forms of polytheism, in addition to a Jungian “polytheism”, which don’t really fit in the narrow definition of “the belief in and veneration of multiple Deities as distinctly independent Beings external to the human mind.” [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Call Myself a Polytheist


In the recent debate over my alleged misappropriation of the term “polytheist”, I think something small, but significant got lost in the debate: I never actually called myself a polytheist. The offending post was entitled “(Neo-)Paganism is Paradox”, and it listed nine theological concepts which characterize my Neo-Paganism, including panentheism, polarity, process, and … yes, [Read More...]

Pagan Tea Time with Rhyd Wildermuth

I was very excited when Rhyd Wildermuth asked me if I’d like to have Pagan Tea Time with him over Skype.  For one thing, if you follow my blog, you know I idolize Rhyd a bit.  I was a bit reticent, though, because we are very different people.  Would we have anything to talk about?  [Read More...]

What I believe, just me and no one else

1. I believe the archetypes are gods. … 5. I believe we have common ground. … 10. I believe that, if you disagree with me, you can say what you want on your private blog.
[Read more...]

(Neo-)Paganism is Paradox


Neo-Paganism, as I understand it, is a paradoxical religion which holds that the complexity of divinity cannot be contained in any one creed or any single image of divinity. Therefore, my Neo-Paganism embraces paradox. Here is a primer on my Neo-Pagan theology encapsulated in nine paradoxes (all starting with “P”). [Read more...]

2013 Year in Review: Blog posts that should have gotten more attention (Part 2)

It’s past time I published part 2 of my 2013 Year in Review, in which I highlight some blog posts that I would like to have seen get more attention last year: posts from Alison Leigh Lilly, Julian Betkowski, and Rhyd Wildermuth. [Read more...]

The Year in Review: Blog posts that should have gotten more attention (Part 1)

Instead of writing about our controversies, I want to highlight some posts that I read this year that I think should have gotten much more attention than they did — posts that are personal and practical, about communing with nature, with our gods, with each other, and with our Deep Selves. [Read more...]

“I am become the Sun …”: What Baby Jesus means to this Pagan

"Virgin and Child" by WIlliam Adolphe-Bougeureau (1888)

As surely as a part of me died when I left Mormonism, something new was born inside of me, which eventually flowered into my Pagan faith. [Read more...]

Putting Mabon Back in Christmas


Whenever I hear a Neo-Pagan say that the winter solstice is a “minor Sabbat”, I can’t help but roll my eyes. What makes it “minor”? The fact that Margaret Murray only listed the cross-quarters as witches’ sabbats? Because Gerald Gardner only added the quarter days as an afterthought? I suspect that this “minor” stuff is just a way of trying to keep Yule from becoming Christmas (which is anything but minor). [Read more...]