Gods I have known, Part 1: Microcosm

"Zeus no longer rules Olympus but rather the solar plexus." -- Carl Jung

I have come to know many other gods. They were always present with me, but I discovered their names and their words of invocation in the myths of antiquity, in the literature of today, and in my dreams. I invoke these gods and goddesses at my altar. I pour libations to them in their seasons. I honor them and hold each sacred in their time and place. [Read more...]

What the heck is Jungian polytheism?


Why call these archetypal forces gods? The reason I call them “gods” is because I can’t think of any other word that adequately describes the overwhelming influence that these powers have over our lives. In a very real sense, they are living us. [Read more...]

Pagan Tea Time with Conor O’Bryan Warren

I’m not sure I’m going to have time to blog about every Pagan Tea Time I have with different Pagans and polytheists over the next month, but I do want to share a little about good conversation I had with Conor O’Bryan Warren over Skype recently.  (I forgot my tea, but Conor had his.)  Conor [Read More...]

Varieties of Polytheism®

Tree Incarnation by Mark Henson

There are also other forms of polytheism, in addition to a Jungian “polytheism”, which don’t really fit in the narrow definition of “the belief in and veneration of multiple Deities as distinctly independent Beings external to the human mind.” [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Call Myself a Polytheist


In the recent debate over my alleged misappropriation of the term “polytheist”, I think something small, but significant got lost in the debate: I never actually called myself a polytheist. The offending post was entitled “(Neo-)Paganism is Paradox”, and it listed nine theological concepts which characterize my Neo-Paganism, including panentheism, polarity, process, and … yes, [Read More...]

Pagan Tea Time with Rhyd Wildermuth

I was very excited when Rhyd Wildermuth asked me if I’d like to have Pagan Tea Time with him over Skype.  For one thing, if you follow my blog, you know I idolize Rhyd a bit.  I was a bit reticent, though, because we are very different people.  Would we have anything to talk about?  [Read More...]