Archives for September 2008

Author Tariq Ali: Dueling partners: Pakistan and America

Journalist and author Tariq Ali speaks to Associate Editor Wajahat Ali about the state of Pakistani society and its complicated, ongoing relationship with the United States. [Read more…]

Interpreting divine texts: Let the Qur’an define itself

In our schools, we get an “A” if we can memorise something, but an “F” if we dare to analyse it. If God had wanted us to be parrots, he would have given us feathers and beaks instead of minds and free will. [Read more…]

Movie "Obsession": Exploring the roots of “Obsession”

If you received a DVD titled “Obsession” in your newspaper last week, you may want to know more about who’s behind it and why it has been sent to you at great expense. [Read more…]

Author Naomi Klein: “The tyranny of complexity is at the heart of this crisis”

No Logo and The Shock Doctrine author and journalist Naomi Klein speaks to us about the “disaster capitalism” underway with the proposed multi-billion dollar Wall Street bailouts. [Read more…]

Terrorism in Pakistan: Celebrating Ramadan, jihadi style

In the month of Ramadan, when even frowning is undesirable, some Muslims with poisoned minds have chosen to murder and maim indiscriminately. [Read more…]

DNC Chairman Howard Dean: “It’s not true that [we don’t] want to be associated with Muslims”

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean speaks to us about the rise of Barack Obama, the Bush-McCain legacy, and why Muslims are welcome in the Democratic Party. [Read more…]