How to Press the Reset Button on Faith

How to Press the Reset Button on Faith August 10, 2018
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Editor’s Note: Arthur Richards is Altmuslim’s newest columnist. His column, “Tapestry of Faith,” is published in the first week of every month.

Faith takes work. Faith is a process, a path that one journeys upon. It isn’t solely a set of beliefs that one has to affirm. Rather, those beliefs are stepping stones to manifesting true faith in one’s actions. Take, for example, the basic belief that there is a God. The affirming of this belief causes one to act in a beautiful way and to work towards meeting this Lord who sustains His creation.

When you establish this core belief, you can begin to piece together the beautiful tapestry of God’s divine plan. You cease to see the creation of angels and jinn, of the sending of Prophets and other fundamental beliefs as mere stories, but instead as metaphysical realities that impact you directly in your life.

What I’m trying to shape for you is that in order to truly have faith in the Divine, your beliefs need to be built upon a solid foundation — else a small breeze will seem like a hurricane. Consider these three approaches to belief and faith:

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