Sh*t the Buddha Says

If any of you are fans of Buddhism, particularly Zen, and Shit My Dad Says, you should get a little kick out of this “Shit the Buddha Says” video:

YouTube Preview Image

The video has been floating around for a couple years (with little attention) and the website it advertises, seems to be defunct (with a 2006-2010 Copyright at the bottom). There is also a blog, which likewise stopped in 2012. It’s a shame, because the “Who said it: Birkam or Charlie [Sheen]” is a good sign that the site was ahead of its time.

I like the video; the fact that it draws you in, perhaps unwillingly, to a moment of silence. As noisy as the world out there is (and the internet as well), it’s a welcome reminder of the importance of silence and contemplation.

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