Another weekend in Glacier…

I just spent my third weekend in Glacier in as many months, focused now more than ever on photographing the beauty there. I take pictures not so much to capture nature as to see her more fully. It can be a meditation in itself, an opportunity for awareness of the moment, of stepping into a creative flow, an open dialog with the world.Tamaracks~Lake MacDonald~Glacier Black Wolves~Focus~Glacier Mountain ~You never quite know what life will give you in a place like Glacier National Park. Sun can … [Read more...]

Colin Powell: Obama Endorsement and More

This weekend Colin Powell, retired 4-star General and former Secretary of State, gave his clear endorsement of Barack Obama as our next president. This should sway some of those undecided voters who may have worried that Obama wouldn't be the best for our national security. If anyone knows national security and Middle Eastern affairs in the contemporary world, it is Colin Powell.But just as important as his endorsement were these words - pointing to the heart of the hate and fear-mongering of … [Read more...]

A Bizarre Ceremony in Thailand

Remind you of anything? Yet another reminder that there are 'many Buddhisms' out there and not all are quite like what we would expect here in the West. Also a reminder that while it may look corrupt, it is important to examine the motives of the monks/temple(s?) that perform these services. For years there has been a Japanese "Jizo" service for women who have had abortions or miscarriages where women would donate to a temple, sometimes large amounts, for the sake of the lost baby. Some … [Read more...]

More of Glacier

Just a few more shots of Glacier from my last trip; more to come I'm sure after this weekend. … [Read more...]

Photos – Bracketing

For those of you with an SLR camera, or a higher-end point-and-shoot, there is a great tool you can use to capture a fuller range of light than you would normally expect with your camera.According to the brilliant Tim Cooper, the human eye can take in about 11 stops of light (meaning we can see things from a wide range of brightness and darkness) whereas a camera can only capture about 5 stops worth. (I should note that I take full responsibility for any faulty information here.) So while we … [Read more...]

Surf the Net = bigger brain (I don’t think so)

fMRI scans from the USA Today story.According to new research on aging people, surfing the net could be a way to keep the brain fresh and fleshy, while less techno-savvy elders risk sooner slides into dementia. All of the volunteers showed significant brain activity during the reading task, which stimulated brain regions that control language, reading, memory and visual abilities. But during Internet searches, major differences flared up between the two groups, Small says. Only those who had … [Read more...]

I Love Your Blog

Many thanks to miss Vesper at Vesper's Escape for nominating/awarding me as a loved blog. It is not only a great honor, but indeed a bit daunting to see the company I share amongst her favorites (excellent blogs all of them).Accordingly, here are the rules:1 - Add the logo to your blog.2 - Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.3 - Nominate at least 7 other bloggers.4 - Add links to their blogs.5 - Leave a comment for your nominees on their blogs!In addition to having a loved blog, I … [Read more...]

Sleepy tired contentedness: or how I got weird

It is an ideal October evening in Montana, and I find myself settling further in to 'normal'. I've had people ruffle their brow at me when I mention 'normal' (as if I am invoking Holy Spirit itself or some such thing), but others know. They, like me, have seen the other side of 'normal' and likewise gleefully welcome it back.We are all a little bit screwed up; mental illness is a spectrum, yes. But any sudden movement from one end of that spectrum to another and you too will find yourself … [Read more...]