Name Two Favorite Christian Theologians

More from AAR...Brian, a friend of mine from this summer's China travels, will interview today for a job at an apparently very Christian college somewhere in the heartland of America. In a time and place where every interview counts, he finds himself scrambling to be a bit more Christian in the last few hours. Another friend, who interviewed with this college a couple years ago, gave him a bit of advice:Know of and be able to talk about your two favorite Christian theologians.Now if we knew the … [Read more...]

The Bells of St. Patrick

Grass blows in the wind above meTrees, planted on balconies, brave Canada's cold...Perhaps the start of a poem. Likely not. Either way, I've made it to Montréal, where I'll spend the next three days taking in as much Buddhism; Buddhist Philosophy; Buddhist-Christian Studies; Comparative Religious Ethics; Philosophy, Religious studies, and Humanism; Buddhist Critical/Constructive Studies, Rethinking Secularism, and whatever else I can find (that's just workshops and panels for tomorrow and Sunday … [Read more...]

A Phenomenology of Joy

When I'm not busy being a crotchety academic, marathon runner, meditation poster-boy, autumn-leaf photographer, one of the things I like to do is teach meditation. I've done it in a somewhat official form for about six years. I mostly work with college kids who are intersted, but I've taught retirees, housemates, last year our college athletes (many at least) had to sit through 15 or so minutes of me and my meditation bell, and this year I get to work with some Environmental Studies graduate … [Read more...]

The self is real, just not really real.

That's a quote (or very close) from a recent interview with psychologist Mark Epstein, featured over at the Tricycle blog.My response(s) follow, slightly edited.Hmmm… Is that like saying a creator God exists, it’s just not as real as you think? Sounds fishy. Perhaps skillful, but fishy nonetheless. Sabbe dhamma anatta, all phenomena are not-self. Even nibbana is anatta. And all of samsara is associated with the 5 khandhas, which are the basis for all other dhammas. Where then, lies the self in B … [Read more...]

Travel the World, See Strange Things

From a taxi in Shanghai: It's an advertisement for a device that will "shape your breasts, care for your face, and tone your body." … [Read more...]

Breathing Life Into Creativity

There is a new TED talk this month, by designer Stefan Sagmeister (thanks to my friend, Chic Monk for the head's up). In it Sagmeister describes the results of an innovative scheme of time off and the amazing way it boosted his life and income. His idea, incredibly simple in a way, was to take 5 years out of his retirement and insert them into the 40 or so that he projected to be his working life (age 25-65).Thus he would take a full year sabbatical every seven years.Now, for those of us in … [Read more...]

Slow Down People Breathing

Polebridge, MT. Photo by Julie. … [Read more...]

icebergs are buddhist monks

icebergs are buddhist monks i send forth,released into the world from the great monasteries of the poles.their mantra is the blue light humming within their frozen cores.their message is peace and oneness,but alas they simply vanish.every year monks leave me and never return.- yann martel Read the rest here. (found here via twitter. Thanks Isabella!)I missed the whole Blog Action Day thing this year (tisk tisk), but this poem fragment reminded me of it and the whole fact of Global Warming. … [Read more...]