I was raised Catholic, and so maybe I’m biased, but I seem to find plenty of nuts in their ranks. Here’s a story/website claiming that MARY IS GOD. That’s right, Mary isn’t just the mother of Jesus, the Son of God, who is magically also one with God and the Holy Spirit in the Trinity, now SHE IS GOD. Follow that? We all laugh when Bible scholars tell us that Jesus had brothers and sisters, and back this up with… Read more

(in gest) Stop the Press!”THE hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has published a teaching document instructing the faithful that some parts of the Bible are not actually true.” ( from here )NOT ACTUALLY TRUE!?Actually the Catholic Church made a similar statement in 1960, but, due to the fact that they refused to issue statements in any language other than Latin, nobody knew what to make of it:”Male imperando culpemus.Bellae internecinae fecimus.Bible est adusque falsus.”It runs something like, “We are… Read more

That’s right, ‘Philosophy of News’. Today I sat in on a discussion by Matt Gibson, publisher of The Independent and Calendar Editor and Writer Jason Wiener of the issues of philosophy in the news as both a basis of media principles and in commentary by philosophers as experts in stories.The discussion was a bit wavering at first, with Matt Gibson trying to lay out the principles of his own publishing philosophy, which seem to revolve around the admittedly problematic theme… Read more

From BadMash – Andy Dick is the President’s speechwriter; now it all makes sense…In case you thought you’d found the weirdest eastern essoteric religion out there, here’s a better one… And yes, it is for real.More new age goodness (not real)Alright… I’ll quit bouncing around Badmash. (getting into work is tougher than it would seem)Luckily an old friend is rolling into town right now and staying here for a day or two, so I’ll have human diversion – enough of… Read more

The word ‘busy-ness’ has cropped up in my life in several ways recently. First, in my decision on whether or not to go see the Dalai Lama Sept 18-19 in Tucson AZ, I had to confront my own entrapment in activities. Then, in a Diamond Cutter study group in Bristol, England that I still participate in via the web, there has been worry that the group might collapse due to member inactivity. And most recently in the weekly meditation and… Read more

I guess its not just in blogging, but in life in general. That hesitancy in the moment of conversation, that lost opportunity to speak from the heart, the fear of nonsense and judgment. I’ve been feeling a bit of all of these lately and I’m only slowly coming to realize why. In a sense it is simple, I’ve written about it here (or my other blog) , I’ve discussed it with others, even teaching it once.It’s hard to describe it,… Read more

Where I’ve been: Mostly Bristol, England for the last year. Before that, five years in Missoula getting that BA in Philosophy, and before that eighteen years spent almost entirely in Helena, MT.Where I’m going: Ph.D. studies, probably. Peace Corps is a back-up. Staying in Missoula if all else fails. But first I need to finish my dissertation for Bristol, to get that MA (with Commendation!), and get applications out there.Simple enough – let’s do it. Read more

This is roughly the topic of my MA (Buddhist Studies) dissertation which was due two weeks ago 🙂 and which I have an extension for until the end of October. I am just trying now, after an unsuccessful attempt to start another MA program while working on this, to return myself to this immense topic. I have made some progress, and well, thought it might help me mentally to get some of my thoughts out there (comments welcome, intelligent or… Read more

(in a Woody Allen voice) It’s it’s it’s like there’s just so much for me to get out there… Ah ah I don’t quite know where to begin.(me again) Really I think my number one issue lately has been indecision; despite the fact that I’ve made some HUGE decisions lately (dropped 11 credits at school, flew to Tucson to see the Dalai Lama). Besides all that, I’m feeling a bit of a lull in life: essentially because that 11 credits… Read more

Ok, after several weeks off the blog I’m finally making my way back. The major reason for my absence has been the upheaval of moving back to the US from Bristol, England, where I worked on my MA in Buddhist Studies. Along with that, I’ve lacked internet at home for all of my time back here in Montana. But that should be fixed soon enough, and until then the library provides a decent enough setting for blogging.Briefly, some of the… Read more

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