My other Blogs – or the insanity of my blog-experience

For matters of Philosophy, I post regularly (well, did at least) at For matters of my current life in Bristol, England, I’ve created a blog at Maybe I’ll continue with this Blog as a more random, opinionated location, who knows. Read more

Must see site on Buddhist history and art

With a nice flash-page set up, images of sculptures and paintings, words from contemporaty and historical holy men and women, this site acts a wonderful interactive introdution to Buddhism. Read more

Richard Gere turns to AIDS issue

Last month, at the 15th Aids conference in Bangkok, Thailand, Richard Gere told reporters that Aids is a more important issue to him than Tibet. While he said that he still sees the Tibet issue as very important to him, Aids, he said, is the biggest single threat to the planet. Gere’s words and actions are to be commended, not condemned. Many of us have our hearts so firmly planted in Tibet that it is hard to see the myriad… Read more

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