Cynicism in the Age of Disinformation…

Cynicism in the Age of Disinformation… September 5, 2018

“These are paid protestors folks… protestors are paid a lot of money by the DNC.”


I went and tried to fact check Trump on this but, here’s the thing: Snopes said it wasn’t, in regard to a single incident; while, the Washington Post says, “In reality, organizations often do sponsor or support rallies and send paid staff to help organize them, although unpaid protesters typically outnumber organizers”; lastly, Jon Oliver on his YouTube show, “Last Week Tonight” facetiously reports there are in fact paid protestors…

It’s frustratingly confusing to live in a time in which we barely even know our left hand from our right…

It’s like gaslighting in the sense that it’s all psychological manipulation with a hidden agenda attached; it warps the way in which you not only just perceive “reality” but, how you interact with her.

For instance, this blip, in my opinion, almost perfectly encapsulates the conscience of the jaded progressive individual…

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