Did the Resurrection Really Happen? (Or, A Reason to Examine Your Faith)

Did the Resurrection Really happen? Like, the literal, physical, bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ… I mean, probably not.

BUT, before anyone casts that electronic stone in the form of a comment, forever anathematizing me from their RSS feed (which, if I’m not on yours already then…) just read to the end, then comment away!

Consider this:

  1. Historicity does not dictate meaning and/or interpretation;
  2. History cannot be proven; we can only verify what most probably happened;
  3. Natural law is not an impervious barrier our theological interpretation(s) face when confronting this highly improbable historical event.

Starting with Hypotheticals…

If the resurrection did not happen then what are the implications for us as Christians?

It does not mean the resurrection of Jesus did not happen; it merely means, in my own opinion, that the resurrection of Jesus was not physical; it was spiritual. Even if Jesus’ physical corpse was thrown to the dogs as Marcus Borg claims, even if the skeptics were correct in that His corpse was merely stolen by thieves, even if psychology explains the commonality of seeing loved ones after they’ve passed as mere hallucinations, I do believe in things that are unexplainable. Some call it supernatural, others call it mystical – I like to refer to it simply as unexplainable.

We’ve heard it said before, “The past is only a story in which we tell ourselves;” it’s neither here nor there, therefore, it cannot be proven. We only have present-day reconstructions of what supposedly used to be. This does not mean the past is irrelevant, neither does it mean that the stories in which we remember are untrue.

Perhaps, what the supposed eye-witnesses experienced was a psychological hallucination and/or coping mechanism in which due to overwhelming amounts of stress and trauma their brain produced a final moment with whom they called “Messiah.”

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