How the Internet is Killing American Christianity

How the Internet is Killing American Christianity Andy Gill Patheos

“How the Internet is Killing American Christianity”

The question is valid, “How much more do we have to take from the church until we have had enough?” The odd part of this question is that many of those asking this are Christians. It seems they’re tired of distorted images defining who and what they are, and deciding how the world views them.

Too many Christian’s are becoming fed up with Fox News or Pat Robertson and his 700 Club being the face of Christianity.

This age of information has informed its constituents that evangelicalism, as we know it, is no longer thriving, but is, in fact, dying (I’ve listed statistics elsewhere to show this numerically, you can read those here and here). With the ability to share, and transfer information to anyone, anywhere, at any point in time, freely and without restriction, it’s exposed secrets in which the Church was formerly able to hide with ease.

It’s unmasked the lie of biblical inerrancy, deeply questioned Christianity’s historicity, and it has won the war on homosexuality. As if this supposed war has not been enough to provoke outrage against the church, there’s the pervasive issue of hobby lobby, there are “whistleblowers” reporting abuses by Christian leadership, and there’s the unrelenting dehumanization of undocumented immigrants.

It seems as if the church has won many battles, but all at the cost of losing a war and their very own people.

The end of conservatism as we know it…?

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