Are God’s Race, Gender, and Nationality Contextual…?

Are God’s Race, Gender, and Nationality Contextual…? September 9, 2018

Is God a Woman?

If you Google, “What language was the NT written in…” what will come up, in answer to this, is “Greek.” And, if you google, “What language were the Gospels written in?” you’ll find that it says differently, saying that they’re written in Aramaic…

Which, as most of us know, the Gospels are very much part of the New Testament and, Aramaic is not the same thing as Greek.

Which is why there is the Aramaic Hypothesis in which says that “the original text of the New Testament was not written in Greek, as held by the majority of scholars, but in the Aramaic language, which was the language of Jesus and the Apostles.”

So, which one of these is it: Greek or Aramaic?

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