What Would Happen If We Cut Our Military Budget In Half?

What Would Happen If We Cut Our Military Budget In Half? May 8, 2018

“The U.S. outpaces all other nations in military expenditures. World military spending totaled more than $1.6 trillion in 2015. The U.S. accounted for 37 percent of the total[1].”

What Would Happen if We Cut Our Militaries Budget in Half…?

Currently, our military budget is 597 billion USD. Recently CNN has said that Trump “approved what his administration calls the largest military budget in US history, $700 billion.”

We’ve heard the statistics and seen graphs like these comparing our budgeting to various other countries…

But, yet, our world has never been safer as the Human Security report says that we live in the most peaceful time in human history. So, then, just for fun, I wanted to entertain what would happen if we cut our militaries budget in half…

Better said… or, to put it another way: what could we actually do 300 billion dollars or less in place of purchasing more drones, or jets we don’t even really utilize.

‘Mind you, that with our recent increase in military funds cutting our budget in half by $350 billion dollars would still leave us several billion “paces” ahead of China’s (#2) military expenditures…

(side note: there’s six of these I list here, I only break them into two sections. So, while I’m “lowkey” desperate for clicks these days… it’s a good kind of “I’m meeting y’all in the middle” type of thing…)

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