Happy Festivities! now for light reading

As the festive season winds down, and we slide toward secular New Year, I leave you with a bit of follow-up reading.  In my last post I offered 10 Tips for cultivating place in the city.  Within that post I mention some ideas that were revolutionary for me.  Crafting a ritual year unique to my locale and beginning to work with a Place specific mythos (which I often had to create) propelled my spirituality forward in unexpected ways.  In the weeks to come I will dive into these topics, sharing my experience and offering what I have learned.  In the meantime, chew on these two thoughts:

Do you practice a nature religion? (Chas S. Clifton; Nature Religion for Real)

Does the land beneath your feet have its own mythic stories? ( Steven Posch; How do you say that in witch?)

May you enjoy the season, and discover beauty where you least expect it!

winter sky : Austin, Texas : beauty surrounds us



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About Traci

Traci is an animist living in Ireland and hails from the great state of Texas (a mythic heritage she is quite proud of!).  Her current academic pursuits are in Sociology and Psychology, and she engages a “sensuous scholarship” when seeking to understand Place.  She can also be found at Confessions of a Hedge Witch