Folkłore, Culture, and Authenticity: a lecture by Prof. Sabina Magliocco {video}

With the recent discussions of ‘fictionalized paganism’ on her mind, Traci shares one of Dr. Magliocco’s lectures on folklore and culture, as she revisits her own ideas of what constitutes sacred story.
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An Animist’s Take on Fiction: to view or not to view

Straw Boys

This week Traci considers the image bank of fiction, how that repository impacts ‘spirit’ communication, and what this means to an Animist! [Read more...]

Pagan Ireland: the Banshee {video}

This week Traci shares a short clip from Glenafooka: a documentary about Irish folklore and mythology. [Read more...]

Dandelion Syrup: a recipe for sunshine in a glass


Dandelions adorn the Irish countryside this time of year. So this week, Traci shares some folk uses of this hardy little plant, as well as her recipe for delicious Dandelion Syrup. [Read more...]

Mí na Bealtaine! the Merry Month of May


It’s Bealtaine–the beginning of summer! And Traci shares some Irish history and folklore associated with this festive time. [Read more...]

Of Frogs and Flowers – an excerpt from Annie Dillard


With spring in full swing in Ireland, Traci shares an except from Annie Dillard’s book, ‘Pilgrim at Tinker Creek’ — a tremendously influential book, which helped shape her naturalist outlook and her sense of place. [Read more...]

I’m an Animist: and what that means


This week, Traci shares what it means to be an animist, and how she lives an animistic worldview in the day-to-day. [Read more...]