The Church of England just issued a set of commandments to the followers to reduce the use of plastic products over Lent in order to save the environment from its disastrous effects. The church’s 42 dioceses are being encouraged to participate in the “Lent Plastic Challenge” in order “to reduce the actions which damage God’s Creation”. For Anglicans Lent is the time when we remember the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness, facing challenge and temptation. It is… Read more

How many kids have to die before we will realize that the problem is not mental health. It’s sickening to see the videos from the Parkland high school shooting. Do they not have mentally ill people in Canada and France? Do you see the same type of gun violence there? Of course not. That’s because they have better gun control laws. I am tired of having to keep writing a post- did that after Las Vegas shooting, then Texas church…… Read more

Blogging gurus have long taught to “not give it out” at the beginning and to save it towards the end. This is part of a debate  the creationists and evolutionists have been having for quite some time. I am breaking all the good blogging rules here. I am going to cut to the chase right away: Contrary to the popular belief, the Qur’an and the Bible do not teach that the universe was created in 6 days! Believers are accused… Read more

In my last post, I mentioned that religious beliefs are often based on faith, not science. Faith is beyond science. If you believe in something after “science has proven it”, that’s no longer faith. Faith is about believing before science can “prove” or “disprove” your beliefs. Here is my first post on the myths on religion and science being mutually exclusive. Believing in God is mostly faith-based. But let me ask you a question. Is believing in science not based… Read more

Are religion and science mutually exclusive? Does the knowledge of how things work “prove” that God does not exist? My study of Medical science and the Qur’an (and Bible) over the past few decades has enabled me to review this subject objectively. I will be sharing my thoughts on the rather controversial subject of religion vs science with you in a series of articles. This is part 2 of a series of articles on this subject. In my last post,… Read more

Are religion and science incompatible, or mutually exclusive? Does the knowledge of how things work “prove” that God does not exist? Conversely, does God ask the believers to forbid Science? As a medical scientist and a “religious” person myself, I will dispel some myths in a series of articles. In the next several articles, I will highlight specific topics from scientific and religious perspective as they relate to the cosmos, planet earth, animal kingdom, plant kingdom and us- the humans…. Read more

Republicans are  viewed as a party of Bible-loving Christians. But are their Christian values reflected in their actions and policies? I often see them holding signs for Jesus in one hand and the US flag on the other- as if Jesus was American, or as if America is for Christ-lovers only. It seems the party is fast becoming less diverse and increasingly white men’s party, despite conscious efforts by part leaders to change that perception. But is it just a… Read more

I don’t write rebuttals to my blogger colleagues on Patheos, but this post from Hemant Mehta was impossible to resist. Hemant Mehta, the ‘Friendly Atheist’ blogger on the Nonreligious channel at Patheos published a post today titled, “What’s the Main Source of Global Conflict? Survey Says: “Religious Beliefs”. I could not disagree with Hemant more- at various fronts. Hemant quotes a survey conducted by US News and World News. … but a new survey from U.S. News & World Report says that 30%… Read more

Hate and fear leads to violence and in some cases dehumanization. In the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. On the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, we are seeing huge crowds at the 2nd Women’s march all over the nation. I was honored to be a speaker at last year’s women’s march in Walnut Creek-East Bay, the largest I have seen in my 30 plus years living in the area…. Read more

This post is more about your health ( and flu) than faith. However, from my recent experience at Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah), I know very well that your spirituality takes a hit if you are physically ill. Physical, mental and spiritual health cannot be separated, and are part of the whole you. We need to do what we can to educate ourselves and pass that education to others. Who knows this may save a life. …and if any one saved… Read more

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