2 Steps You Must Take to Improve Your Struggling Marriage

Lynn and her husband, Dan, have been married for 20 years and their youngest son is leaving for college in the fall. Over the years, between busy careers and kids’ extracurricular activities, Lynn and Dan just kind of . . . drifted. But not drifting in a pleasant, easy-breezy way; they’re basically living separate lives far apart from each other—just under the same roof. The truth of the matter is that Lynn and Dan feel anything but easy-breezy in their relationship. She feels hurt, lonely and flat-out uncared for in her marriage. Dan feels disrespected, distant and disengaged.

Does this feel familiar? If you and your spouse are struggling—is there any hope for improving your marriage? One very important thing to remember is this: it’s not hopeless. If you’re like Lynn and Dan, most likely you still care about your spouse. And where there’s hope—where even one spouse wants a change—there can be change.

Here are 2 important steps you must take if you want to improve your struggling marriage:

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