How to Stop Losing It When Your Husband Gets Lost

How to Stop Losing It When Your Husband Gets Lost February 2, 2018

A friend told me recently that she and her husband were heading to meet some friends at a new restaurant, and having fun until her husband tried to guess his way there.  (“I know it’s across the river, and where that neighborhood is….  Let’s see if I can find it!”) In this day of a million map and direction apps, my friend was flabbergasted that her husband refused to use any of them!

She got cold sweats as the minutes ticked by and started plugging the address into her phone.  (“I don’t want to be late!”) Then he got irritated and told her to stop hassling him. And then she got irritated and told him he was being unreasonable…and then he shut down for the rest of the night. Evening ruined.

Sound familiar, ladies? What’s the deal with this type of behavior?  For years, I wondered: How can I make my husband understand that asking for directions (or help. or instructions to put together the new bookcase…) is no big deal?

When I surveyed men for For Women Only  their answers to that question shocked me. Here are 3 secrets you need to know about why your man won’t ask for help or directions:

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