Laurel, Yanny, and The One Secret That Can Solve Divisions and Save Any Relationship

So unless you were on Everest with no Wi-Fi access last week, you heard either “Laurel” or “Yanny” in the now-famous audio clip. And you probably got into an argument with a loved one about how they could possibly hear something different from you.

Just as with the 2015 “blue/gold dress” image, Jeff and I were no exception; we each thought the other was crazy. (After all, it clearly says Laurel, and the dress is clearly gold, right? Right?) We started laughing as we recognized the silliness of our underlying assumption. And then we realized: there is actually a lesson here that could save every marriage, strengthen every relationship, and solve every division on the planet if every human being was able to apply it across the board.  

Obviously, we’re all a jumble of imperfections, so that will never happen perfectly! But if we can just keep in mind one thought the next time we assume a spouse, friend, or random politician is just wrong, it would be a game-changer for us and for our culture.

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