Full Moon Eulogy

It's a beautiful, stunning Sunday in October. The trees look like they are on fire and the air is sweet, smoky, and faintly chill. I am bustling about the house, getting myself and the baby ready for a 70 minute drive north. No need to rush, I tell myself. I don't want to set off panic reactions or assume the worst. One of my teachers is dying and I am hoping to say my goodbyes and to help his husband set up altars all around him.My car is in desperate need of repair. It's scheduled for the … [Read more...]

Closing the Doors


The Doors! The Doors! In wisdom let us attend.In the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church the above line is spoken loudly. It calls for the doors of the church to be closed, that no one else may enter. In times past this was the point when all the unbaptized had left the building, as communion was a sacred mystery reserved for those who were full members of the Church. This is no longer the case today, but the words are still chanted.These words came to mind today, as I have … [Read more...]

Pausing Polytheist Practice


Christianity places an emphasis on a "relationship with Jesus;" it privileges that relationship above all other relationships. Christianity and monotheisms also see the physical world in need of domination and/or subjugation and/or stewardship; the physical world is most certainly not one to be in relationship with. What polytheism and witchcraft have been teaching me is the reality of a complex web of relationships that exist between me, communities, spirits, deities, and other other-than-human … [Read more...]

Navratri, Samhain, and More!

The Woman Clothed with the Sun, by Fr. William Hart McNichols

With the fall equinox just behind us and the Dark Season swiftly arriving with the rains, it's time to look ahead to what else is on Niki's "liturgical calendar."Navratri - Beginning September 25Navratri is a major Hindu celebration. The next nine nights (10 if you count tonight's welcoming of the Goddess/es) consist of celebrations and pujas in honor of Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati.This evening my kids and I are going to clean up the front porch and create an altar where we'll … [Read more...]

Community Complex

Portland graff. I love art of all kinds.

Last week I posted about a few things that made me 'falsely nostalgic' for my Christian past.  In spite of a few rude, hilarious, and insistent comments that I must actually be seeking Jesus, I don't miss being a Christian. My post talked about some of the things I didn't miss and a few things that were quite positive for me. I am highly critical of Christianity, but I certainly don't hate it.The conclusion at the end of my piece was that I miss community. This seemed to resonate the most … [Read more...]

Equinox Gratitude


It's the Equinox, but it's also a Sunday. Sundays are spacious but also involve preparing for the week to come. I meal plan, make sure the laundry is done, bathe the kids, and look ahead to what is needed for various activities on the calendar.I'm trying not to let the Regular Sunday overwhelm the Equinox; I want to feel the Wheel turning. And it is turning! Yesterday the gardeners came and harvested nearly the entire garden! Sixty pounds of tomatoes - and that was just one row of the … [Read more...]

The Coming Equinox


I've always appreciated the Equinoxes. I like the reminders that both the Light and the Dark are coming. I've never celebrated the more Wiccan Mabon version. For me I used it as a time of re-balancing. I used the Equinoxes to fast and clean, to shed the excesses and intensities of the previous season and prepare for the new one. My practice used to be to abstain from food - a full 24 hour fast of nothing but water, do a lot of yoga and meditation, and deep clean the house. And then I had … [Read more...]