“Paganism is Not Political”: A Rebuttal

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Last week I posted a resource list for more information on Paganism. In the list I included a link to Gods & Radicals, a relatively new website for Pagan anti-Capitalism. A certain colleague who shall remain unnamed told me "Paganism isn't political," a statement with which I whole-heartedly disagree.Here's why: The personal is the political.No, there is no political litmus test a person must pass to be Pagan. I know Pagans who are Libertarian, politically conservative, Democrat, … [Read more...]

What is Paganism? A Resource List


Yesterday I gave a presentation on Paganism at Seattle Pacific University. This is an annotated version of the hand out I gave the students. The list the student got did not have commentary, and the links were written out. Here, I've hyper-linked. I figured it might be helpful for others.One very important note: this list primarily reflects me, my biases, and my experience with Paganism. There are SO MANY books and websites out there. My aim was to inform, on a general level, college aged … [Read more...]

Paganism 101

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Yesterday I had the privilege of presenting Paganism to 18 Christian college students. Dr. Jennifer McKinney, of Seattle Pacific University (SPU), contacted me and asked if I would be a guest speaker on Paganism in the New Religious Movements section of her Sociology of Religions class. Dr. McKinney is the sort of amazing, brilliant person that makes me wish I hadn't left academia. Of course I said yes!Although I could give the presentation anytime this month, I scheduled my talk for … [Read more...]

Playing Catch Up

Blackberry, comfrey and morning glory. All over the yard. All over.

In late winter I promised that I would write less. I keep forgetting this promise and instead, getting down on myself for not writing "enough." Here is what is happening in between the posts:Family life is busy, as usual. The baby is over a year old and is mobile. She needs more attention. The four year old is out of preschool. She is bright, needing more stimulation. She is also a little lonely with Mama writing all the time and big brother at school. She needs more attention.We … [Read more...]

The Vocabulary of Spiritual Practice, Part 2


I apologize for leaving you hanging. I have been laid out with strep throat! Let's get back to our regularly scheduled blogging, shall we?I recently posted about some terminology and I'd like to finish off exploring a few more words related to my practice.DevotionWhat do we mean when we talk about devotion? This word is used exclusively in the context of relationship. I've never heard anyone use it outside of this context. The nature of the devotions may be different from person to … [Read more...]

May the First

G&R's logo, by Alley Valkyrie. I love this logo. It speaks to me of Black power, feminist power, earth power - and now Pagan power.

For many Pagans the first of May is Beltane. In the past I never celebrated this holiday that much. I came into my own as a Pagan living in the San Francisco Bay Area and I struggled to feel the rhythms of the Land there and the turnings of the Wheel. Beltane made more sense when I lived in Wales, especially as that Land is rife with the Fey. And then we moved again, this time to Washington State. I had no standard practice for this holiday and so I let it slide. But no more. This day is full to … [Read more...]

Procession of the Species


Nestled between Earth Day and May Day/Beltaine is the Procession of the Species in Olympia, WA. Procession is a set of a parades, a luminary night time parade on Friday evening and a Saturday afternoon one, that occurs in the last weekend of April, in conjunction with Arts Walk. It's been happening for 20 years. It's one of my favorite community gatherings of all time and is one of the reasons I love Olympia so damn much.Why? I love a good parade. I love creativity, marching bands, the … [Read more...]