Niki Whiting’s good bye to Patheos. Read more

Dear Friends, This is the first of two major announcements I am making this week. Now that the dust has settled from last month’s Many Gods West conference for polytheists, I have divined and listened and decided that YES, Many Gods West 2016 WILL HAPPEN. Both Rhyd Wildermuth and PSVL have decided for various reasons to sit this next one out. I shall be carrying the torch onward. I have assembled a crack team of co-conspirators – more people, more… Read more

Sometimes people are mean on the internet. Stop reading mean people. Read more

We need discernment, as individuals and communities. We need gathering spaces where we can listen to new ideas and discuss amongst ourselves, support one another, and celebrate together. This is beloved community. Read more

Polytheist theology is above all relational, in practice and in belief. Niki Whiting sketches out what that means to her. Read more

Niki Whiting, one of the conveners of Many Gods West, talks about how the conference went. Read more

Change is coming, especially with Many Gods West this weekend! Read more

It’s so last year, but Niki finally sees “The Book of Life”, an animated film about the Day of the Dead. Read more

Niki went home to Alaska and was slightly surprised to find that it didn’t care. Read more

Land shapes our views of the world, our experiences with future places, how we perceive time and seasons, how communities function, and how we relate the non-human world. Read more

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