A Love Song for Juneau

[Modified from a post on June 1, 2012] I haven’t lived in Juneau, Alaska, for over a decade. I’ve spent little more than a handful of weeks at a time there. Home for me these days is Olympia, Washington. [I am winding up my time from my most recent trip home – the first one in three years.] For those that know me in person forgetting that I’m from Alaska is impossible. It is a part of my identity on… Read more

One True Thing

Remember that one time that one god walked through my living room? Or the dream I had just last week about the work that other devotees are doing, things I shouldn’t know? Or that consistent, still, small voice that whispers to me when I am still and quiet. The gods are real. Read more

Living Saraswati

[Written on Oct. 11, 2013] Today begins the final three days of Navratri, in which Saraswati, goddess of language, knowledge and sound, is honored. I have an affinity with Her, as I have spent much of my life in pursuit of education and knowledge, as well as honing my singing skills. Saraswati is comparable to the Greek goddess Athena in many ways. Both are independent; Saraswati, unlike most of the other Hindu goddesses, is not the consort of any male… Read more

What Do You Mean by “Scary”?

Witchcraft should be scary. Read more

Why I Am Not a Christian

Niki is on vacation. Why isn’t she a Christian? She write about it all the time…. Read more

Broken Gods: A Book Review

A review of a Christian self-help book, Broken Gods. It talks about theosis! Read more

What We’re Reading

What Niki is reading right now. Read more

We Were Born Wild

In a world that feels domesticated, how can we tap into our wild nature? Read more

On Turning 40

I turn 40 – and look back at the last decade of my life. Read more

God is Not Either/Or, God/dess is Both/And

Using excerpt’s from an unpublished paper analyzing ideas of Mary’s proposed co-redemption, Niki tackles the idea that “God” is male. Read more

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