Are We Vampires?


Margot Adler thinks so. Adler, esteemed author of Drawing Down the Moon, NPR correspondent, and all around neat person from what I can tell, has read 260 vampire books and written a book about it. Vampires Are Us: Understanding our love affair with the immortal dark side, weighing in at only 237 pages, is more of a long essay (55 pages) with annotated bibliography. It's an easy read. Adler is a delightful companion and story teller. If you want to spend two hours with her, you will enjoy this … [Read more...]

Why I Need Spiritual Community


I'm exhausted. I started the day with gentle yoga, cooked the breakfasts, harassed my son into his clothes, got him to class on time, bought groceries, cooked and cleaned up lunch. A pretty typical morning. What's missing from this day (and every other day for the last week) is sitting at my altar, lighting incense, saying prayers, or any form of puja. What was unusual for my day was 45 minutes of me crying while I cooked lunch. After the catharsis that was a good cry, the nourishment that … [Read more...]

Women in Religious Leadership

A Priestess, by Godward, 1894.

This is a Patheos wide topic. Below in quotes is the writing prompt. "Despite decades of positive change toward gender equality in American society, women remain under-represented in leadership positions in most major faith groups. What theological and social factors lie behind this resistance to change? How can more women gain access to leadership positions? What impact have women had in faith traditions with greater levels of equality? What might change if women had greater responsibility … [Read more...]

Pagans and Money, part 2


An interesting discussion occurred on my personal Facebook page when I brought up Pagans and money. I realized that so many of hang ups I see and experience around money can be tied to Christian theological influence and the struggle to mix the spiritual and the 'mundane.' Christianity is deeply conflicted about money. Since the overculture in the United States is very Christian and many Pagans started out as Christians, it's not surprising that some of that confusion and ambivalence has … [Read more...]

Late Night Revelations

Albrecht Dürer's Praying Hands from 1508.

I seem to be doing my best thinking in the wee hours of the night, those minutes (or hours) between trips to the bathrooms or careful turnings over. For some reason last night I was thinking of an ended relationship and my reactions to it, wondering if I've been too harsh. In a flash of insight I realized that part of my problem is lingering Christian thinking. I'm the kind of person that takes things seriously. I've often been told that I take things too seriously. (Of course, I've often … [Read more...]

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Friends, readers, I am taking this week off. I'm sure you've noticed as it's already Thursday! I've half-written two posts for this week, but I'm having trouble focusing. Why? It's not for lack of ideas or inspiration! It's because on top of all the other things I do (parenting, writing, householding and so on) my husband and I are buying a house! We found a good one last weekend and we set all the gears in motion! It's exciting, but as first time home owners, the learning curve is steep. My … [Read more...]

My Take on Wiccanate Privilege

Another of the big discussions of privilege that occurred at PCon this year was regarding Wiccanate privilege. I did not attend this panel. I had decided to not write on this topic as I don't feel particularly strongly about it. But after going through some of the various write ups of this panel, I have some thoughts. Firstly, there is some great discussion occurring, mainly in regard to the larger ideas of what our communities are, stand for, and how they work (or don't work) together. There … [Read more...]

Pagan Dinner Time


Now with more angst! I had my last Pagan Tea Time date on Sunday evening: Rhyd Wildermuth, blogger and punk, came to dinner at my house. We were supposed to gather for afternoon tea, but as he was catching a ride from Seattle to Portland, it worked out that he got dinner at my house instead. There were pleasantries, getting-to-know-you questions, and interruptions galore from my kids. My husband had just finished doing the taxes, and suffice it to say that he was not his usual sociable … [Read more...]

Pagans and Money

Nature is calming. Here, have a picture of a fire road in the Santa Cruz mountains. By Grey3k (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Pantheacon, a sort of 'gathering of the tribes,' is a place where one can get a sense of the modern, American, neo-Pagan zeitgeist. Yes, the blogosphere also helps with this, but it's the conversations that go on after the panels are over, the ones occurring in hospitality suites and hallways, that alert careful listeners to the conversations we're not having as a community. This year there were two panels that aimed to address some of this: Pagans & Privilege, moderated by T Thorn Coyle, … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Two-for-One

The next two Delphic Maxims make me laugh, even though they do have some wisdom in them. I'm committed to commenting on all of 147. These two take us through 67! The first is: know the judge. Certainly this would be helpful! I can't imagine the Delphic Oracle is suggesting that we use our personal connections to influence justice for our unjust benefit, but knowing the tendencies and history of a judge could prove very helpful in crafting an argument that might steer the outcome in one's … [Read more...]