I received a blessing at a Shinto Shrine. It broke my heart with its beauty. Read more

“Being political” isn’t about which party you vote for. Not really. It’s about how you express your values and virtues in the world. Read more

An annotated list of links and books for people wondering what Paganism is about. More theological than practical, more for those outside looking in, than for seekers. Read more

What does a Paganism 101 presentation to undergraduates look like? A little like this! Read more

Parenting, planning, and presenting! All in a week’s work for this witch mama. Read more

What’s the difference between devotion, divination, spirit work, and self-work? Read more

The first of May is full to bursting with reasons to celebrate! Read more

Beltaine is full of magic. But Arts Walk and Procession of the Species weekend in Olympia has its own magic. Read more

Humans like boundaries and definitions. We like order. Niki breaks down words: religious, spiritual, high and low magic, and what they mean to her. Read more

The white experience is overwhelmingly dominant in our society. It’s time to expand my perspective and immerse myself in the voices of people of color. Read more

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