Leaving Monotheism Behind


[This post originally appeared at Polytheist.com back in September. I don't have anything new for you right now; I've been sick and angsty and busy with the kids. Enjoy!]Nothing has challenged my brain so much as an adult as walking away from monotheism and embracing polytheism. Not graduate school, not parenting (though that is challenging in some very profound ways).I came to Christianity on my own. I wasn’t raised a Christian. There was no god talk in our house. The only time “his” nam … [Read more...]

What We’re Reading


Occasionally (usually when I'm sick, out of ideas, or pressed for time - like this week!) I like to post what we're reading in my house.Niki's booksI am embarrassed to admit it, but I'm STILL reading This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. I started this book back in September. The introduction and opening chapters were so intense, so bleak, that I began to have anxiety attacks at night after reading it. What sort of world were my children born into?? I had to put the book away for a … [Read more...]

One True Thing

Bee hive huts near Slea Head, Ireland. Warren Buckley, via Wikimedia Commons

The gods are real.Remember that one time that one god walked through my living room? I didn't make that up. Or the dream I had just last week about the work that other devotees are doing, things I shouldn't know? Or that consistent, still, small voice that whispers to me when I am still and quiet. The gods are real.The land speaks.Some of it speaks more loudly than others. Sometimes I can hear it more easily than at other times or in other places.Sometimes these voices are … [Read more...]

Pantheacon Rituals are a Blessing

Black Madonna of Czestochowa

I don't get a lot of ecstatic ritual in my life. Most of the ritual in my life has to do with the kids' night time routine. If I get ritual it's usually solitary, staying up past my bedtime, carefully preparing before and cleaning up after. Getting to sink into a ritual is a rare treat for me. Good ritual fills my "cup" - a cup that is often dry for much of the year. This is one of the reasons that going to Pantheacon (and other gatherings) are so important and enjoyable for me.This didn't … [Read more...]

Why Polytheist Spaces Are Important

Kali Calcutta Art Studio 1885

I love the religions of the world. If you read this blog, you know that I write a lot about Christianity. I've got a big ol' soft spot in my heart for wisdom where ever I find it. The optimist in me wants a world where our differences give us accent, but don't overwhelm us to the point where we can't talk together. I like the Big Umbrella aspect of Pantheacon, where various Pagan communities come together and mingle, work, explore, and share.But spaces for each type of group are equally … [Read more...]

Pilgrimage to Pantheacon 2015

Me, at 6am on my way home. I'm delirious, but check out Practical Rabbit's t-shirt!

Five days later I'm back at home. The dirty laundry sits in the suitcases. The cat has made a mess of the house. Spring sunlight streams in through the windows, tempting me to duck all the chores and go outside. But Pantheacon, guys. I'm still high as a kite, giddy, and ready to fall asleep on my feet after five days of friends and travel and provocation and heart-expanding discussion. Here is my quick sum up, with deeper posts to come as I sort through my notes and begin processing all the … [Read more...]

Ave Maria

Madonna of the Lillies, William-Adolph Bouguereau, 1899

Imbolc is a holiday for the Brigids and Brídes. But this turn of the Wheel is also for Candlemass and the Virgin Mary. A friend reminded me that I might want to honor Mary during this time, if I don't have a relationship with Brigid, and I don't. Honoring Mary at this time makes sense, especially given my long history with her; she was always good to me.The Ave Maria is a poem, a prayer, and frequently a song. I am partial to it. Taken from lines from the Gospel of Luke, the Ave Maria has … [Read more...]