Community Complex

Portland graff. I love art of all kinds.

Last week I posted about a few things that made me 'falsely nostalgic' for my Christian past.  In spite of a few rude, hilarious, and insistent comments that I must actually be seeking Jesus, I don't miss being a Christian. My post talked about some of the things I didn't miss and a few things that were quite positive for me. I am highly critical of Christianity, but I certainly don't hate it.The conclusion at the end of my piece was that I miss community. This seemed to resonate the most … [Read more...]

Equinox Gratitude


It's the Equinox, but it's also a Sunday. Sundays are spacious but also involve preparing for the week to come. I meal plan, make sure the laundry is done, bathe the kids, and look ahead to what is needed for various activities on the calendar.I'm trying not to let the Regular Sunday overwhelm the Equinox; I want to feel the Wheel turning. And it is turning! Yesterday the gardeners came and harvested nearly the entire garden! Sixty pounds of tomatoes - and that was just one row of the … [Read more...]

The Coming Equinox


I've always appreciated the Equinoxes. I like the reminders that both the Light and the Dark are coming. I've never celebrated the more Wiccan Mabon version. For me I used it as a time of re-balancing. I used the Equinoxes to fast and clean, to shed the excesses and intensities of the previous season and prepare for the new one. My practice used to be to abstain from food - a full 24 hour fast of nothing but water, do a lot of yoga and meditation, and deep clean the house. And then I had … [Read more...]

Reviewing the New Hindu Toolbox


My fellow Patheos blogger, Ambaa, The White Hindu over at the Hindu Portal, has a short e-book out on what a new follower of Hinduism needs to know. I was curious about what she'd have to say and thought my readers might enjoy an review, as well. I am a long time reader of Ambaa and we are friendly colleagues, but this review was my idea and I paid for the e-book.The New Hindu Toolbox  is a short, easy to read introduction for those who want to begin practicing Hinduism and don't know where … [Read more...]

What I Miss About Being A Christian

Theotokos of Vladimir

It might seem odd to write a piece about what I miss about being Christian on the heels of my first post over at It might seem odd that I am thrown into fits of nostalgia just from seeing a dude carrying a guitar walk out from a church. Occasionally I'll pass a beautiful church and wonder when services are, as if I might go (I never do). Sometimes I miss getting lost in a beautiful liturgy, feeling elevated by the chants or singing and the incense. Sometimes I miss the order, the … [Read more...]



It with much pleasure that I announce the commencement of, a new online hub of writings devoted to the variety of spiritual practices that make up this messy thing known as polytheism.This site was the brainchild of the Anomalous Thracian and his desire to promote polytheist discussion. The first round of authors were released this week, with more to come later in the month. I may be biased, but the quality of authors thus far is impressive, and I am honored to be among them. … [Read more...]

Encyclopedia of Goddesses & Heroines (Book Review)


When The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog by Patricia Monaghan was published (February 2003) I was working at a bookstore in Seattle, preparing myself for graduate school that fall at Berkeley's Graduate Theological Union, where I would study feminist and systematic theology. I saw Monaghan's book at the store and, remembering fondly my own time in Ireland (1996-97), and seeing that she and I had both spent our youth in Alaska, I picked it up. It was a fantastic book, weaving personal narrative, … [Read more...]