Preparation for Practice

Sometimes the preparation is the practice; sometimes it’s an important precursor to the practice. Read more

Foundations of Practice

What do I do, and why? I look at some of my basic daily practices. The first in a series on practice. Read more

Kindred Spirits

A mostly “wordless Wednesday” post. Kindred spirits are found in surprising places. Read more

What If We’re Just Making It All Up?

What if we’re making it all up? What is the story we’re part of? Read more

The Annunciation as Divine Spring

The Annunciation: an example of patriarchy, or an example of feminist liberation? Read more

Leaving Monotheism Behind

Shifting from monotheistic to polytheistic thinking changes one’s outlook on life, but monotheistic thinking can be difficult to eradicate. Read more

What We’re Reading

A short look at what I’m reading these days. Read more

One True Thing

When I feel like I’ve lost my way, usually when life is busiest and loudest and messiest, I come back to one true thing. Read more

Pantheacon Rituals are a Blessing

Good ritual fills my “cup” – a cup that is often dry for much of the year. This is one of the reasons that going to Pantheacon (and other gatherings) are so important and enjoyable for me. Read more

Why Polytheist Spaces Are Important

Ideally our various communities in the wider Pagan umbrella can create webs of interconnected relationship. But sometimes its nice to be among people that share similar definitions, certain aspects of practice, and won’t call you crazy when you say that the gods are speaking. Read more

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