What’s the Big Deal About Polytheism?


Over the last few years, as the polytheist "community" (faction? collection of people using this as a descriptor?) grows, there has been drama and contention about the words "polytheist" and "polytheism". Now that I am co-chairing a conference on polytheism I've been fielding questions about this word and our purpose.Why Polytheism?I cannot speak for other polytheists, nor for those who choose not to use this word. I will explain why I like this word and use it as a … [Read more...]

Many Gods West: Save the Date

Raphael's Olympians, 1516-17

I've been working on something. Something community oriented and non-verbal (more or less). Some of you may know that in my past I used to organize large conferences for Jewish studies in the San Francisco Bay area. I am putting those skills to work again! Rhyd Wildermuth, PSVL, and myself are working to bring you Many Gods West!Many Gods West builds on the discussion that started this past summer at the Polytheist Leadership Conference in New York. We are not linked in any formal way, … [Read more...]

Ferguson is Not an Isolated Injustice

Police in riot gear at Ferguson protests; By Jamelle Bouie [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Monday night's announcement of the Ferguson findings had me in tears on Tuesday. (Black teenager Michael Brown was shot on August 9 by white police office Darren Wilson. Wilson was not indicted by a grand jury.) I want to share some of the things I wrote yesterday.So, this might seem a callous comparison, but bear with me. That same morning we had the dishwasher repairman out. The kind repairman said that our model was a durable one; that new dishwashers are pretty, but are only designed to … [Read more...]

Gratitude for Mentors and Guides

I am grateful for the many people who shine their light on my path. For all its solitary nature, witchcraft isn't something we just pick up on our own. Sure, we come to this path as individuals and we are the only ones who can do the work, but we aren't alone.I learn so much from my friends and fellow bloggers, both online and off. The discussions we have help me articulate ideas, feel less crazy, and inspire me to try new techniques or keep sticking with old ones. However, nothing replaces … [Read more...]

Nothing Replaces Community: Giving Thanks for “IRL” Community

Mount Rainier, by Kathy Calm, wikimedia commons.

IRL = In Real Life. As opposed to virtual life, which supposedly doesn't count as "real." Yesterday I wrote about how grateful I am for my virtual community. I don't agree that one's virtual communities aren't a part of our "real lives." The support, education, amusement, and connection I get from my online relationships are very real. However, it cannot replace in the flesh community and connection.Forging relationships in the flesh is different than virtually building community. In the … [Read more...]

Online Community is a Good Thing: Giving Thanks for Virtual Community

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. In fact, I realized yesterday that it was only a week away and we still haven't ordered our local, organic, budget-breaking bird yet. I hope there are some left. For me, Thanksgiving is about family and gratitude.Thanksgiving is problematic at best; at worst, it is a celebration of genocide. I left any pretense of patriotic and historical celebrations behind long ago. Beyond its dodgy history, Thanksgiving is often a mess of traveling, bad weather, … [Read more...]

What We’re Reading


Occasionally I post what we're reading in my house. We cannot ever read just one book at a time.Me:*I started Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything when it came out in mid-September. Like her other books (No Logo and Shock Doctrine) I practically will her to be wrong about her subject matter. After carefully scrutinizing her sources and footnotes, I cannot but follow her to her conclusions. In the case of this book, I found myself so depressed and panicked by the introduction alone … [Read more...]