We’re more than a week into 2015. I’m not usually late, ever, for anything, even with three kids. But this time? Late. It was that kind of year. Read more

What makes “Till We Have Faces” so good? Lewis grasps the depths of mysticism. If you have ever found Lewis’ writing trite or overbearing, or have been put off by the Old White Man voice, give this book a try. Read more

Ever wonder what the difference was between the Immaculate Conception and the Virgin Birth? Niki has you covered. Read more

The only thing for divine discomfort is to sit in it. After the whining, the sitting. Read more

What’s so great about polytheism? It can indicate similarities in theological outlook, but leaves room for the multiplicity of human culture, practice, and experience. Read more

Save the date for a new conference in the PNW next summer! Read more

I’m not so sure that Ferguson is fixable. This may be a depressing message leading up to Thanksgiving. This holiday too is built on violence and racism. I give thanks for people everywhere who work for justice, for peace, for the full dignity of all human beings. Read more

I am grateful for the many people who shine their light on my path. For all its solitary nature, we need each other. Read more

My gratitude extends to the community I live in, both human and other-than-human. Read more

Instead of writing a well-deserved rant about America’s ruining of Thanksgiving, I want to focus on things I am grateful for. For the next week I’ll be making gratitude posts. First up: virtual community. Read more

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