Out with the old!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my leaving the UK and arriving in Olympia. This has been a big, exhausting, amazing year for me. I have learned so much. Let me share with you:

*I have an irrational love of the British Isles. The land there feels good to me in a way that makes no sense. It took me a good 2/3 of my year to stop waking up missing the Welsh sky.

*When you follow the magic, the Current, the flow, whatever you choose to call it, it will not disappoint.

*I have some work that I need help with, issues I feel ready to lay to rest. I am committed to going to therapy in 2013.

*Nothing is more important to me than relationship; nothing is more valuable in relationship than willingness to do the Work.

*I don’t cast spells often, but when I do they are remarkably effective.

*Perfection is a lie. So is self-improvement.

*Getting what you want is often WAY scarier than not getting it.

*I love bigger than I ever thought I could.

*What I feared most ended up feeling incredibly obvious and a lot less scary than I believed.

*I am not cut out for general teaching.

*I learned how to make rosehip jam, pork carnitas, and convert a lot of my favorite dishes in to gluten-free ones (I can’t eat wheat or gluten, or most corn).

*I need to sing again.

*I need a vacation.

*I am in the process of learning how to accept others without negating myself. I am also learning to trust my Fetch more (much work is needed around getting my Fetch and Talker to communicate more clearly – this will be a big chunk of work for me in 2013).

*Most importantly, I felt like my open heart surgery came to a close last night. Kali sat before me on her white horse, grinning happily from ear to ear, holding my bloody, severed heart in her hands. I looked down at my wide open chest. And you know what I found? I found a bigger, blacker, bolder heart was underneath all the time.

Let us ride forward in to 2013. Follow the magic!

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  • http://sashareadstorah.com SashaM

    Really great to hear all the change that has come this your new life. Just wondering: whats a Fetch? what’s a Talker?

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/awitchsashram myownashram

      I can’t remember if I’ve written a post on this before or not. It’s Feri language for two of the souls (from a triple soul idea). The Fetch is the more primal part of the soul, perhaps more related to intuition, some emotion and some physical urges. Talker is related to the intellectual, rational self. It can sort of be mapped on to Id and Ego….. sort of.

  • http://sashareadstorah.com SashaM

    has = have and this = into. Don’t drink beer and comment.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/awitchsashram myownashram

      Hey, I didn’t even notice. Must be my two glasses of wine and kids attempting to avoid bed time…..