Here are some great behind the scenes photo from the new movie “Looper.” Check out Rebecca’s review and then make sure you check out the film, which is in theaters now. All photos courtesy of actress Summer Qing, who stars as Bruce Willis’ wife in the film.                                                                  … Read more

It is unusual in Hollywood for a novelist to write a bestselling book and then- years later- adapt that book into a screenplay and then direct the cinematic version of his or her story. But that’s exactly what happened with writer/director Stephen Chbosky, whose new film The Perks of Being a Wallflower arrives in theaters this Friday. Nearly fifteen years after his acclaimed novel hit bookshelves, Chbosky is bringing his highly-acclaimed story to the big screen. Chbosky’s movie stars youngsters… Read more

In the family drama Thunderstruck, a famous basketball player– played by real-life superstar Kevin Durant– loses all of his skills on the court after an encounter with a high school student. Brian (Taylor Gray), a student with few basketball skills to speak of,  idolizes Durant as the story begins but when the two meet, Durant’s skills are mysteriously transferred to Brian while Brian’s meager abilities are given to Durant.   Soon enough,  Brian’s high school basketball team watches as the… Read more

In the new romantic drama Celeste and Jesse Forever, a young couple face life after their short marriage falls apart. But instead of the two going their separate ways, Celeste and Jesse decide to remain best friends. Played by Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones, the couple still spends most of their time together and flirt incessantly. As they struggle with new romances and a life separated from each other, they face the difficulties of staying so close after the separation…. Read more

In the new romantic drama Ruby Sparks, a young writer named Calvin (Paul Dano) invents the perfect girlfriend for his new novel. Little does he know that the woman he created would one day jump off the page and into his kitchen. Zoe Kazan, who wrote the screenplay, stars as the title character who enters Calvin’s life and forces him to re-evaluate what he puts on the page. Dano and Kazan, a romantic couple in real life, worked with directors… Read more

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