7 Quick Takes Friday!

Happy Friday before Halloween! I’m inordinately excited about this Halloween because we’ve banned sugar from the house…but of course that rule won’t apply to Halloween candy collected by earnest, hard-working little costumed beggars. From whom I will steal. Yay, candy! I’m actually having visions of mellowcreme pumpkins lure me to sleep at night. Yum. Sunday can’t get here fast enough. And now for quick takes.

My Toe
hurts. I think it’s broken. I’m not sure how I broke it, but I can’t bend it and it’s really annoying me.
Shopping with Sienna
A much younger Sienna, gettin’ friendly with a mannequin
These little mommy milestones continue to surprise and delight me. Today, for the first time ever, Sienna and I are going shopping, just the two of us, just for her. I’m surprised at how excited I am to have some time with my eldest, and how much I’m looking forward to picking out clothes with her, as opposed to picking out clothes for her. I’m also fervently praying that this delightful little trip isn’t ruined by a cranky Sienna meltdown or a cranky Mommy getting irritated.

is not having a good life right now. Not only is she approaching the terrible twos (not an exaggeration, in my experience), she’s also not adjusting well to being the middle child, or to not being allowed to eat sugar, mac and cheese, and pizza, plus she’s teething. She spends her time crying, begging to be held, pointing frantically at the fridge and then throwing whatever she’s given on the floor, and crying some more. It’s making our days very exhausting. On the plus side, she has begun to say a few words. Yesterday she mastered “cold” and “shoe”. I was really proud and relieved…I’ve been worrying about both her tiny stature and her lack of speech progression.

Liam Xavier Bede

I like to use his full name because it’s a pretty awesome name
is a giant among babies. At two and a half months old, he weighs fifteen and a half pounds. His cousin Evangeline weighed seventeen pounds on her first birthday. He wears the same size diapers as Charlotte. He also spends all the time he’s not sleeping or in Mommy or Daddy’s arms propped up in the Boppy pillow on the couch, laughing at the fan. Every time his sisters walk by they smother him with kisses. He’s got a rough life.
See? He’s a giant!
The Ogre looks like Russell Crowe. What my mom and I have been telling the Ogre for years has been reiterated by one of his students. On the one hand, I like being right. On the other hand, it was a female student, which  means I will now be planting little spy cams in the Ogre’s classroom and cubicle and hiring a private detective to follow said female student around and possibly harass her into leaving UNLV…or at least leaving the Ogre’s class.
I’m not
crazy. I’m just pro-actively protecting my family.
Speaking of Crazy
I ate a boatload of cheese last night. There’s something about shredded cheese that makes it particularly irresistible. I wouldn’t normally eat a half a block of cheese, but when it’s just sitting there, in a neatly grated pile, it feels wrong not to snag a handful or three every time I pass by the plate…which is a lot oftener than I would if there wasn’t a big pile of cheese on it. Strangely, I felt neither sick nor remorseful afterward. I frakking love cheese.
Go see Jen now, and Happy Halloween and All Saint’s Day!
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