I broke my big toe.

It’s sideways and it hurts and it’s really swollen, and my children keep stepping on it and my husband keeps making fun of me. Mostly he’s making fun of me because I won’t stop talking about it, but the thing is, this is the first bone I’ve ever broken in my entire body in my entire life. And it freaking hurts.

We actually had to pause The Breakfast Club because I was so concerned about the toe that I wanted to do research on what to do with a broken toe. The Ogre keeps telling me to let him snap it back into place, but I don’t feel comfortable with that. Mostly because it would hurt even worse. So the plan now is for me to go to the urgent care tomorrow and see if they can fix me. Because my toe is really freaky looking.

I hope they give me crutches. I’ve never had crutches before and I’ve always wanted them. But then again, crutches on Halloween would suck.

Have you guys ever broken toes? What do they do about it?

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