Kirill’s Story

I found this link on Pentimento and wanted to re-post it. It is such an awful tragedy…a family answering God’s call to adopt a little boy with Down Syndrome, approved through the whole adoption process, only to have a judge deny their petition because the precious boy is “not socially adaptable” and is better off in an institution than in a home with a loving family. Horrible. 

Please pray for this family, their child who is waiting to come home, but most especially for this judge, that she will change her mind and allow Kirill to be adopted.

  • Dobrovits Family

    That is the non-profit helping with my adoption, Reece's Rainbow…It is an awesome org filled with families on FIRE to help the least of God's children with disabilities, esp. In Eastern Europe/Russia…Carla (also Living for the Lord)

  • Kassie

    This story makes me weep. :( Praying so hard.