7 Quick Takes Friday!

These are going up much later than usual because I went to see Harry Potter with my dear sister-in-law. The whole thing was awesome, except the battle scene, which was a travesty on a scale I have never before witnessed. And since the battle scene was pretty much the crux of the entire friggin series, the suckage that spewed forth overshadowed all the good things that came before it. 

I can’t ever watch another Harry Potter film again, so great is my ire. I wish I could slap that director. 
I Almost
skipped quick takes altogether this week, so loath have I been to return to the blogosphere after the semantic beating I took this week. 
It was one comment near the end that really sent me over the edge last night. I can’t understand some of the reactions I’ve been getting. They were so visceral, so outraged. It didn’t seem to fit a post in which I admitted, up front, that I was fumbling through my own thought process on the matter, nor did it seem to fit my numerous clarifications and apologies in the comment box. 
I can only assume one of two things. Either 1) I was utterly unclear and totally offensive, and neither myself nor my husband nor a single one of my friends or acquaintances noticed it, or 2) some of my readers, who do not know me personally, were reacting to what they thought I was saying as opposed to what I was actually saying. 
I’m Seriously Not Surprised
at all that people misinterpreted what I was trying to say because, as I said, it was something I was working through. Almost everything I post is something I’m working through. I don’t think I have all the answers; in fact, I wish I had any. That’s what my blog is for. I use it to explore, to learn through writing and through the comments I get back. I have most emphatically  never thought of my blog as a platform where I tell people how to live. How could I, when I’m so busy trying to figure that out myself? 
What Did Surprise Me
was the very real anger I got from some people. I know it’s a touchy subject, but I’m in this to learn. Why not tell my why you disagree? As some very mature commenters can attest, I take criticism well. I like to see where I’m wrong and why, so I can adjust my thinking. Why tell me that I’m putting women back centuries, that you’re going to stop reading my blog, that I’m propagating sexist rubbish? All that does is make me feel like an asshat and you look like one. 
And neither of us want that. 
I Have Concluded
that the best way to prevent this kind of thing from happening again is to clear up confusion about what it is that I use this blog for. So next week I’m going to write a post about my motives for blogging, how I see my posts, and the best way for you to approach my writing. 
Hint: Do not act like I think I’m sitting on Sanai. 
Here’s Another Hint
One of these is me, and one is my blog. Can you guess which is which?
One Very Important Sidenote
I don’t even own a denim jumper!
some of you seem to be under the impression that I am…of the sola skirtura persuasion.
At least, that’s the sense I’m getting from my comments. I’m feeling like people are beginning to view me as a traderific Tradity-Cat Catholic who wears denim jumpers and likes to tell my female neighbors to get their unholy bottoms out of the office and back to their kitchens where they belong, and for God’s sake to take those blasphemous pants off and put on nice, shapeless woolen skirt.  
Obviously, you don’t know me personally if you think this. Let me just clear up that confusion, though, right here and now. 
I have a nose ring. The cartilage in my right ear is pierced. My hair is currently striped blond and red. I’m wearing a strappy sundress that shows my knees. I love Janis Joplin. I cook because I like to eat and chopping things helps me manage my anger issues. I don’t work in a traditional job because I really don’t want to. And guess what? I friggin love jeans! 
Please remember that the internet obscures much, and that having an evolving traditional understanding of gender roles does not mean that I would like you to please put on this mantilla before God strikes you with lightning. 
Crimeney, people. 
Ah, Yes
one of my readers wrote a great response to my post, in which she mentions something which I would have thought needed no clarification, but which apparently does. 
My blog title is at least 85% ironic, you guys. Yeah, I was actually barefoot and pregnant when I started this blog, but I called it that as a joke. Because my idea of a nightmare used to be being barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, and then that’s where I ended up. It’s a joke. See? 
But you should really get back in the kitchen before your husband gets home and says, “I divorce thee” three times. Cause you’ll totally deserve it if that happens.  
Go see Jen for more quick takes, have a fabulous weekend, and pretty please, can we play more nicely next week? 

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06698839146562734910 Brandon

    I have to say, having read the post and the comments, that while there were some unguarded expressions in the post, most of the angry commenters in that thread were clearly reading things into the post that weren't there. Some people see things only in caricatures and try to bully others on the basis of them; meanwhile all the reasonable people try to think through the real world the best ways they can. There is no question which of the two is the most shameful group to be in.

  • Anonymous

    Eve,I think what Tridentine Wife was objecting to is the habit among many Conservative Catholics to, when criticized for holding orthodox Catholic views by heterodox or liberal people, trot out the "well at least I'm not like those trads over there" trope. This is what happened in this case. I know that Calah was reacting to the intemperate and mean spirited attacks on her writing, so I am more dissapointed than mad. You are right that there are the type of trads you describe, but for every trad fault there is a "novus ordo " fault we could bring up too. But let's not. Instead we can focus on the subject at hand instead of engaging in these unnecessary internecine battles.

  • http://hg2au.com Ann Seeton

    I have noticed that a lot of people out there in the blogosphere seem to miss the FACT that loving to wear a skirt is not a criticism of jeans or other perfectly modest clothing styles.I highly resent the implications in the blogosphere that everyone who loves skirts is automatically a nut (represented by the term "sola skirtura").I think the people attacking the writer of this blog were totally out of line. Nothing I have read here has been in criticism of someone else's different choices. I find this blog quite reasonable even when I disagree. I find the mindless attacks the hardest myself. The urge to try to explain to people who are too blinded by their own inner rage and pain to hear is difficult for me to resist. But life is too short to try to speak reason into a maelstrom.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12557248434888642114 Melanie B

    Ann, re the term "sola skirtura". There is a small minority of people who DO argue that it is inherently immodest for a woman to wear pants. And the term was coined to represent that minority viewpoint (This was in the comments to a blog post that Simcha Fisher wrote responding to a person who was arguing for that position that skirts alone are immodest). The term is not meant as a slam against people who just like to wear skirts or even the people who think skirts are more modest than pants but against the people on the fringe who do hold an extreme view and who argue for it vocally and in terms that are rather offensive to women.