Inappropriate Comments of the Week

My kids waited three whole weeks before spiking collective (not very high) fevers and snotting all over the house, which I think was quite generous of them. I’m interrupting their Word World marathon to drink my afternoon tea and blog, while they drip popsicles all over the kitchen floor. All in all, this hardly qualifies as sickness compared to the last few months.

I promise I’m still going to write about the mantilla, since I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, but I don’t have time today. So instead I’m going to 1) thank you all for your wonderful, supportive and sweet comments on my hair post and my last post 2) promise you that I will respond tomorrow, when I have blocked off the entire morning for interneting, and 3) bring you this week’s wildly inappropriate comments, courtesy of the Ogre.

Oh the occasion of me getting lost, in Ave Maria, the Ogre said, “Dear God, what must it be like in your funny little brain?”  (This won’t be nearly as funny if you haven’t been watching BBC’s Sherlock.)

The Ogre and I were arguing about some literary fact and we ended up googling it to see who was right. He was, of course, and he said, “Don’t forget that I’m the brains in this marriage, babe.” I protested, saying, “I bring a lot of things to this marriage too! Charity, levity, people skills–” “boobs,” the Ogre interjected.

I never said I married him for his charm.

Now I have temperatures to take and chicken noodle soup to make. But actually I’m feeling so sorry for those of you who haven’t been watching Sherlock that I’m going to leave you with a clip. Between Doctor Who, Downton Abbey and this, I’m beginning to think that the BBC should rule the world.

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