Memorial Day and the Zombie Apocalypse

Memorial Day always makes me sad. I see the way my friends and family talk about our soldiers and respect this day when we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and I am sure that there is still goodness in America, that all those things that made America great have not been lost. Then I see the crass disrespect shown by politicians, television pundits and public figures, and I fear that the public message that our troops will receive today is, “We don’t appreciate you, or your sacrifice, or even the sacrifice of those who died for us.”

So for any of our military or their families who happen to stumble across this today, know that we, at least, are deeply grateful for you and your immeasurable sacrifice, and we are raising our children with that same gratitude.

Also know that since the zombie apocalypse has begun, I am hoping to see you all back here shortly in full force to defend us from the zombies, and don’t tell me that the risk that you’ll be changed into highly-trained tank-wielding zombies is too great. I know the government has developed a secret anti-zombie vaccine for the military. The threat of a zombie apocalypse was always too great to ignore.

For those moms and dads who are wondering how to protect your little ones from the legions of the undead, click over to Ignitum Today and read my latest post about how NFP (or the failure thereof) will help us survive the zombie apocalypse.

  • Peter and Nancy

    We went to our city's Memorial Day parade today, and my heart leapt a little bit when I saw the crowds gathered there. It did reassure me to see how many people came out to honor those who have served — especially in light of how disrespectful some can be.Nancy