I’ve got a case of the Tuesday blahs, which I’m sure is being caused by the perpetually overcast Florida summer sky. I have SAD, therefore clouds make me sad. And grumpy.

Nevertheless, one of my children did manage to make me crack a smile and an almost-laugh today when I was perusing Pinterest (because what else are you supposed to do when you’re feeling lackluster?) Charlotte saw this picture:

and screeched in a highly alarmed tone, “Mommy, what is that holding the phone? It’s a WORM! A WORM holding the PHONE! Ewwwww!”

My post-modern children.

Grace had the best idea ever to celebrate her two-year blogiversery (yeah I see what you mean, Grace. Typing that word makes me feel like an ass-hat too). Click over to the Camp to see a link-up of extremely brave bloggers who are willing to reach into the recesses of their blogs, dust off their first post ever, and present it to the world in all its cringe-worthy glory.

See you tomorrow. Hopefully the sun will reappear in my part of the world by then and I’ll be feeling a little less glum.

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