In case you don’t frequent Patheos (I’m looking at you, LarryD!) you might not have seen that one of my posts was featured there over the weekend. Personally I love Patheos and was thrilled to be asked to post there, so if you are so inclined, go check it out!

In other news, the Pioneer Woman’s Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever really is the best chocolate sheet cake ever. I love it. I make it in times of pregnancy, weakness, emotional turmoil and Tuesdays. Full disclosure: yesterday I made it because I was craving the raw cake batter. Which I ate several (thousand) spoonfuls of while praying that God would protect me from salmonella poisoning. I am the worst pregnant person ever.

Not me
Totally me (nota bene: the Ogre does not have a mullet (thankfully))
 It could be worse, though: 
Also not me
 Speaking of pregnancy and pregnant things (because when is a pregnant person not?), have you guys seen this? It’s so cute. Watch it. 

I’m sorry for all the pregnancy things. I’ll stop that. It’s kind of annoying me too, actually.

Here. Palate cleanser. Also, language warning. But, Jim Gaffigan! Worth it.

Happy Wednesday!

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