Double the Habits!

Double the Habits! July 3, 2012

*I know I said I hate blog posts with videos in them, and then turned around and gave you a post full of them this morning, but this video is really worth watching. And not just because I happen to know and love this woman to pieces. She’s got a great story to tell!

“I didn’t know anything about the Catholic Church, I didn’t know anything about the Vatican, I just understood that where I was was good.”

This video is about the conversion and call to religious vocation of one of my and the Ogre’s dearest friends. She is our little Charlotte’s godmother, and she is currently an affiliate with the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Like so many aspiring religious, though, she must clear her student debt before she can fulfill her vocation, and she’s turned to The Labouré Society for help.

I’ve never heard of The Labouré Society before, but they’re going on the top of my list of charities to support. There has been a definite increase in religious vocations in the past few years, which is wonderful, but it’s terrible to consider how many more priests and nuns we would have if their student loans hadn’t held them back from entering religious life. According to The Labouré Society, nearly half of all aspiring priests and religious are prevented from entering formation because of that. Just think about how different things would look if we had twice as many priests and nuns! Double the cassocks! Double the habits! The world would be such a happier place.  It’s dreadful that that the only thing keeping that from being a reality is student loans.

Would you please keep Toni and the other aspirants in your prayers? That’s the number one thing she’s asking for, but if you’d like to donate money to help clear her student loans, you can do so here.


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